Workshops & Activities

Workshops & Activities | Pol'and'Rock ONLINE 2020


The AFA hill is a place of learning and discovery. Different NGOs and charities welcome all festival-goers at various workshops and educational activities. You can participate in a plethora of activities - from artistic and focused on teaching you computer and other practical skills to animal first aid and CPR courses and discussion panels about the judicial system in Poland and yoga and signing language lessons. You can find inspiration for your next passion or discover new skills and talents! 

This year we are moving our festival to the online world, and we could not imagine The Most Beautiful Festival in the World without that place of learning, culture and activism. We are going to share our online platform with our friends from different NGOs. 

Boot up your computer, sit back and explore the world of learning and art! 

Arts & Crafts
  • Music Workshops with Piotr Bukartyk

    The main feature of the festival closing ceremony is Piotr Bukartyk's song "Z tylu chmur" ("Out of so many clouds"). The lyrics speak of tolerance, acceptance, and joy that can be found in respecting each other's choices and enjoying our differences. Traditionally, the song is performed by a group of festival-goers, who learn the words, music, and rehearse together with Piotr Bukartyk during workshops he holds at the festival. 

    Even though we have migrated to the Internet, we cannot imagine the closing ceremony without "Z tylu chmur" performed by the talented festival-goers. You can submit your recordings, and Piotr Bukartyk will choose ten lucky musicians who will play with him at the concert, which will be streamed live on the Internet. 

  • MAYE Association - Dreamcatchers - 25.07.2020

    Workshops will teach how to create a beautiful dreamcatcher. 

  • Wu Kwadrat - Dreadlocks - 25.07

    Workshops about the basics of creating dreadlocks. 

  • Dorigami - Origami - 25.07.2020

    Origami workshops. 

Social Justice
  • The Hope Project Polska - Migration Crisis - 25.07.2020

    Workshops about the situation of people on Lesbos. 

Health & Fitness
  • DKMS - Transplantology - 21.07.2020


    "HematoPOETRY" - workshops about blood, bone marrow, and transplantation. 

  • STACJA - Sex Education 21.07.2020


    Workshops about safe sex. 


  • Viva! Plant-Based Cooking- 21.07.2020


    Workshops about healthy plat-based cooking. 

  • eFkropka - Mental Health - 21.07.2020


    Workshops about fighting stereotypes about mental health issues. 

Education & Knowledge
  • Centre for Women's Rights - Native American Culture - 27.07.2020

    Workshop about the cultural phenomenon of "two-spirits" in Native American cultural heritage. 

  • Foundation for Eco-development - Draught - 27.07.2020

    Workshops about the implications of the global water crisis. 

  • Collegium Civitas - Critical Thinking - 27.07.2020

    Workshops about how to avoid being manipulated and develop sound critical thinking skills. 

  • Poznań Bar Association - Right to be ourselves - 27.07.2020

    Workshops about the legal side of maintaining our unique identity.  

Global Issues
  • Amnesty International Poland - Human Rights - 29.07.2020

    Workshops on how to prepare a human rights activity. 

  • Hackerspace - Fakenews - 29.07.2020

    Workshops on how to discern between news and fakenews on the Internet. 

  • Dom Otwarty - Dignity - 29.07.2020

    Workshops on dignity of people who have been excluded from society. 

  • Polish Prosecutors Association - Hate speech - 29.07.2020

    Workshops on legal aspects of hate speech. 

  • Youth Climate Strike & Digital Centre - Ecology - 22.07.2020


    Workshops about methods of fighting with draughts and systematic changes we can all introduce. 

  • Open Cages - Plant Based Cooking - 22.07.2020


    Workshops about the influence of plant-based food on climate change. 

  • OTOZ Animals - Speaking Dog - 22.07.2020

    Workshops teaching you how to communicate with your dog successfully. 

  • Collegium Civitas - Beekeeping - 22.07.2020

    Workshops about city beekeeping practices. 

  • PodróżoVanie - Van Life- 23.07.2020

    Workshops about how to figure out the beginning of your van life adventure. 

  • Poznań Bar Association - Right to Culture - 23.07.2020

    Workshops about the right to access culture. 

  • Digital Centre - AR on Instagram - 23.07.2020

    Workshops about creating your AR filter for Instagram. 

  • Dom Otwarty - Theatre - 23.07.2020

    Workshops about theatre engaged in social activism. 

Psychology & Self Development
  • MAYE Association - Mindfulness - 24.07.2020

    Workshops about mindfulness. 

  • Super Mental Team - Coaching - 24.07.2020


    Workshops about achieving your full potential. 

  • Women's Rights Centre - Body Psychology - 24.07.2020

    Workshops about symptoms of psychological problems manifesting through the body. 

  • Maria Tarczyńska - Life Crisis - 24.07.2020

    Workshops about dealing with crisis and overcoming problems. 

Activities for Kids
  • Wioska Dziecięca - Science - 26.07.2020

    Workshops focuses on fun science: experiments and teaching through fun. 

  • Dr Clown - Juggling - 26.07.2020

    Workshops about juggling for kids. 

  • Dr Clown - Drumming - 26.07.2020

    Workshops on drumming for kids. 

  • Polish Humanitarian Action - Water - 26.07.2020

    Workshops about the global water crisis. 

Addiction Prevention & Integration
  • Zielona Przystań - Emotional Support - 28.07.2020

    Workshops about the roles of children in families struggling with alcohol abuse issues. 

  • Avalon Foundation - Sexual Rehabilitation - 28.07.2020

    Workshops about sexual rehabilitation. 

  • Association for Family Development - Sexual Behaviour - 28.07.2020

    Workshops about healthy vs unhealthy sexual behaviour. 

  • Polish Judges Association - Equality - 28.07.2020

    Workshops on matters such as equality, tolerance, rights of the minorities. 

Other Activities
  • Zielona Przystań - Helpline - 29.07-01.08.2020

    Helpline offering support from qualified psychologists, therapists, and pedagogues. 

  • Dom Otwarty - Online Activism - 21.07-29.07

    You can lend your support to people who are otherwise excluded from society (homelessness crisis, disability, addiction). 

  • Ombudsman - Debate - 31.07

    Debate on the shortcomings of Polish society and legal system, which we noticed during the pandemic. 

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