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Would you like to see a whole new side of the biggest open-air festival in Europe? Would you like to meet new people, learn new skills, and help a great cause? The thousands-strong group of Peace Patrol volunteers create a community of friends - people who hang out with each other, travel together and help others because they enjoy it. Joining Peace Patrol can be an adventure of a lifetime because we offer many other opportunities to volunteer, take part in different initiatives and develop new skills. 

Peace Patrol Volunteers
Volunteer Training


We take the safety of festival-participants very seriously, and that's why we take volunteer training seriously as well. If you want to become a member of the Peace Patrol, you will be required to take part in a two-day training course. The Friday - Sunday training course takes place in a beautifully located Szadowo-Młyn training centre. Our curriculum focuses on three main elements, which have proven to be the key to success: team-building, first-aid, and event health & safety rules and regulations.

Each participant will learn CPR and first aid skills, which will be proven by the American Health Association certified instructors. Team building exercises include elements of survival training, hiking, and other tasks. Volunteers also learn CPR and first aid according to the AHA certification programme. All volunteers receive certifications attesting to the fact that they took part in training which prepares them to work at mass gatherings as stewards and information personnel. 


Volunteer at the Festival


We rely on our festival volunteers to take up different tasks to make the guests of our festival feel safe and comfortable. That's why your training is so important because it will help you navigate the massive festival site. All volunteers work in close-knit groups and their tasks are all varied and determined by group leaders.

Of course, there is ample time to catch your favourite show or relax on a separate, gated campsite. Even though the work on the festival site means long hours and little sleep, Peace Patrol volunteers leave energized and looking forward to the festivals. It's also an invaluable experience, allowing you to try your hand at working with the bands, the stage staff, or cooperating with medical personnel. 


Our Mission and Ideas


Anyone who has ever visited Pol'and'Rock Festival (or, Woodstock Festival Poland) would recognize volunteers wearing red t-shirts and group leaders clad in yellow. We have roving teams of volunteers, and we encourage festival-goers to approach Peace Patrol volunteers with any questions and concerns they might have. There are specialized teams of volunteers: working as stage managers, creating content social media content, and working on the logistics of the event. 

Our mission is to help festival-goers, guide them across the festival site, and resolve all issues peacefully. 


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