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Safety of the festival participants is our priority. We have developed our health & safety protocols, and we cooperate with professional services, first responders, police, firefighters and anti-terrorism units. The festival has been referred to as one of the safest and most professionally organized events of this scale in the region. We work closely with the local police and hospitals in the area. We put a lot of effort into training, and we run exercises for our staff. 

Please help us keep you safe by reporting anything that looks suspicious to you and please make sure to follow the festival Rules and Regulations - we made then with your safety in mind! 

We are obliged by law to run luggage checks and to monitor the site of mass gatherings. Check our Rules & Regulations for more information about restrictions and prohibited items. Please help us make our job a bit easier and do your best to look after yourself and look out for others. 

Who is there to look after you
  • Peace Patrol

    All festival stewards are members of Peace Patrol. These volunteers are trained in first aid, CPR and they all have completed a mass gatherings safety course. We can rely on a group of 1 000 people, who are on site to help and guide festival goers and ensure that you can enjoy the festival safely. Ask them for help in any situation, and feel free to report any situations that you find strange or worrisome. Keep an eye out for the volunteers wearing red t-shirts! Follow their guidance and advice as they know the festival and festival rules best. 

  • Medical Patrol

    Medical Patrol provides first aid and deals with all emergencies. Members of the Medical Patrol are all qualified first responders, nurses, doctors and paramedics. There is a fully equipped field hospital located in the vicinity of the Second Stage. There are also 7 first aid points dotted throughout the festival site. There are roving Medical Patrols with access to quads and ambulances to transport patients if required.

    We have doctors of different specializations with access to all necessary equipment on site to help you, however, we ask you to stay safe and be responsible for your own welfare. 

  • Blue Patrol

    Blue Patrol members are our professional festival security staff. They are wearing blue t-shirts. They are there for your safety, and their aim is to ensure that your stay at the festival is enjoyable and safe. Please cooperate with them and be patient while they perform their security checks and other duties. They are tasked with curbing any aggressive or illegal activities. 


Medical and site safety
  • Field hospital

    There is a fully equipped field hospital facility located in the vicinity of the Second Stage and Beer Village. Staffed by 20 qualified doctors, the hospital is equipped in modern medical devices. Doctors and nurses have access to resuscitation and accident and emergency facilities as well as GP facilities. 300 qualified medical professionals: doctors, nurses, first responders, paramedics work to ensure your safety on site. 

    We cooperate closely with hospitals in the area. 

  • First Aid Points

    There are 7 first aid points dotted through the festival site. Please make sure to note where the nearest first aid point is located and learn the layout of your campsite. The medical staff at the First Aid Points will be either able to help you or transport you to the Field Hospital for further treatment. First Aid Point should be your point of contact when you feel unwell. 

    First Aid Points locations: 

    • on the AFA hill
    • on the right-hand side of the Main Stage 
    • next to the SiemaShop (official festival merchandise) at the Shopping Lane 
    • next to the Peace Village
    • at the Malinowski Field Campsite 
    • by the Second Stage 
    • next to the food stalls 


  • Roving Medical Patrols

    There are 28 roving Medical Patrol teams. The medics patrol the festival site and campsites. The medics have access to 7 emergency quads with stretchers, two specialistic ambulances and five regular ambulances. 

    Make sure not to obstruct the movement of emergency vehicles and give them plenty of space to pass. Help them get to the site of an emergency faster and warn others. 

Take care
  • Festival staff are there to help

    Please take all guidance from Festival staff, volunteers, and security personnel. Keep an eye out for Peace Patrol volunteers, as they are easily recognized by their red T-shirts. They will be able to help you and guide you through the massive festival site. They can help you find your way around the festival, direct you to the onsite facilities. Feel free to approach them with any questions or concerns. Our security staff are there to help you, so please give them your full attention and co-operate with them as they do their best to keep each of you safe and sound. 

    Help them do their jobs by following festival Rules & Regulations. 


  • Drugs Policy

    We do not condone the use of drugs and our festival takes a firm stance against drugs. It is illegal to buy, sell, or take drugs or designer drugs and any other psychoactive substances and all laws concerning the drugs enforcement are applicable on site. Please report any suspicious behaviour to members of the festival staff. 

    Always be honest with medics and paramedics, and tell them exactly what you consumed so that they know how to help you. Your health is very important! 

  • Campsite welfare

    Get to know your campsite neighbours. First, it makes for a much nicer camping experience, when you are friendly with your neighbours. You can also increase your safety and look out for each other more effectively. Be aware of your surroundings and if something does not look right, get in touch with festival staff or stewards. 

    Pick landmarks near your campsite to help you remember the location of your tent and make note of the nearest facilities and first aid points. 

    Please do not pitch your tents on fire escape lanes and emergency exits or pedestrian routes. You might be asked to move your tent for safety reasons. 

    Open fires, campfires, gas canisters or petrol-fuelled campsite cookers are not allowed at the festival site. 

  • Our festival motto

    We pride ourselves on the diverse nature of our audience. We will not accept any violent, aggressive, or antisocial behaviour. In accordance with our festival motto: Peace! Love! Music! Friendship! we ask you to respect all festival goers and help each other when you can. We rely on you to help us create this diverse and vibrant community. 

  • Keep your posessions safe

    Keep your wits about you. Responsibility and sensible preparation are keys to safe and stress-free festival stay. 

    • keep your money, credit cards, mobile phone, documents safe - in a zipped pocket or in a money bag or a hip bag; 
    • bring only things you need, and don't bring too many valuable items to the festival; 
    • don't carry large sums of money on you; 
    • make note of serial numbers of your devices & enable GPS tracking of your devices (such as "Find My Phone" application); 
    • keep your car windows and doors secured and hide any items from view (such as mobile phones, sat nav, and other valuables); 
    • don't leave your valuables unattended; 
    • be friendly and respectful, yet watch your surroundings at all times.  

    Make a note of the location of our Lost & Found tent. If you happen to find anything on the festival site bring it to the Lost & Found tent as well.

  • Children's safety

    Children under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult. Please take extra care when getting ready for the festival, if you are going to visit with a child. Pack all the essentials: clothes for both hot and cold weather, sunscreen and hats, waterproofs, sensible and strong shoes and all necessary medical supplies. 

    There are free wristbands available - use them to write your contact number. Make sure that the child has it on at all times and that the number is legible. You can also explain how to recognize Peace Patrol members and let your child know to approach them and ask for help in case it gets lost or separated from you. Show your child the location of the Lost & Found tent and set it as your emergency meeting point. 

    If you happen to get separated from your child get in touch with any member of the Peace Patrol immediately. Please bear in mind that you are fully responsible for your and your child's welfare at the festival and different activities for kids are NOT to be seen as daycare facilities. 

Medical FAQ
  • What to do when my friend is unconscious?

    Ask for help immediately. Reach out to Peace Patrol volunteers or medics from Medical Patrol, however, never leave anyone who falls unconscious alone. When asking for help make sure to provide festival staff with as many details as possible. Always be honest with medics - tell them what your friend might have consumed. 

  • Will medical staff be able to change my dressing?

    If you need to change your dressing, our medical staff will help you with it. Come by one of the First Aid Points to get help. In order to avoid waiting, come by the nearest First Aid point in the early afternoon - before the start of the shows. 

  • Who can ask for medical assistnace?

    Anyone. Our medics and festival staff will do their best to help anyone in need. However, please use common sense and don't bother them with minor injuries or ailments. Make sure to pack your own first aid kit - with painkillers, band-aids and all medicine you might need. If you take medication to maintain chronic conditions, make sure to pack all your usual medicine. Please bear in mind that the nearest pharmacy is located in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. 

  • Can I visit a friend who has been taken into the field hospital?

    We are afraid not. Our patients need their privacy and the staff needs their space to work. 

  • Can you store my medicine?

    Yes, we can store your medicine. We can keep it safe for you, or if it is necessary, we can keep it refrigerated. Please label it carefully: we need you to put your name and surname, phone number, name of the medicine and required dosage. 

  • Can you issue a prescription and do you have a pharmacy on site?

    No. Our field hospital is equipped in medicine, but we don't run a pharmacy or a general practice there. If you need to, you can visit a pharmacy in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. 

  • Can you administer injections?

    If you have your medicine and doctor's prescription and exact dosage, our medical staff can help you with that. 

  • How to report an emergency on the festival site?

    Notify Medical Patrol about any medical emergencies, however, if necessary, get in touch with any member of the Peace Patrol or festival staff. Make sure to provide detailed information about what has happened and be ready to give directions. 

Festival Rules and Regulations
  • Festival Grounds Rules and Regulations 2019

    Festival Rules and Regulations are there for a reason, they help us all enjoy the festival. 

    Festival Grounds Rules & Regulations apply to the entire festival site: both mass gatherings taking place during the festival and festival campsites and other areas. Please note that by taking part in the festival, you agree to all relevant provisions. 

  • Mass Gatherings Rules & Regulations 2019

    Festival Rules and Regulations are there for a reason, they help us all enjoy the festival safely and responsibly. 

    Mass gatherings refer to concerts taking place at the Main and Second Stages. There are different sets of rules, which applies to these gatherings. Most important is the fact that you are NOT allowed to consume alcohol in the area of mass gatherings. You will also be subjected to luggage search. 

    Mass Gatherings Rules and Regulations

Tips and Sound Advice
  • Learn the layout of the festival site

    Make a note of all festival facilities such as First Aid points and Lost & Found tent. Decide on a meeting point with your friends in case you get separated from each other. You can arrange a time and spot where you can meet if you lose each other. 


  • Drink responsibly

    Remember to know your limits and pace yourself. Drink responsibly and stay aware of your surroundings. Take responsibility for yourself and for your friends. 

  • Never leave anyone in a tent alone during daytime

    A closed tent, especially on a hot day, can work like an oven. If your friend is feeling unwell, don't leave them alone. 

  • Your health & welfare

    Stay hydrated. You cannot substitute water with alcohol, soft drinks, or other beverages such as tea or coffee. You can purchase bottled water in our festival Lidl supermarket and from different retailers on the festival site. You can refill your bottles in the Allegro Zone. Water from the communal taps is potable too - ONLY - after the health & safety control approves it. 

    Make sure you are prepared for the weather. Pack for different weather conditions: bring a hat and sunscreen and waterproofs. 

    Take care when moving across the festival site. As the terrain can be rough and uneven, sensible shoes are a must. 

    Keep your phone charged. There are power stations at Play & Allegro Zones. Bringing a torch to help you navigate the site at night is a good idea. 

    Make sure to have any form of ID on you. Be careful with it, but it is necessary to prove your age and identity. 

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