Music Under Pressure

Music Under Pressure - Republika Project

2016-11-04 16:31:05

How can I put it - in order for such a musical undertaking to take flight, it has to have a rythm and life of its own. You need to add a lot of hard work and a huge amount of confidence that it is all going to work out in the end for the project to suceed. You need to draw joy from working on such a project and we need to feel deep in our souls that the project we are toiling on is going to fit the atmosphere and the idea behind Woodstock Festival Poland. You need to find artists, who will enjoy working together, ensuring that musical magic will be able to take hold over the massive audience. You can't just tell musicians - play this or play that - they have to imbue the project with their souls and talents. 


Jurek Tolak, Republika's manager, was my old friend and he has worked with the band ever since I can remember. He loved the project because it just sounded like good old Republika all over again. We asked him about what he thinks about musical guests and he was so chilled about it. He believed that the artists are to feel good performing with each-other, so there should be no pressure put on them. As we went on selecting our vocalists, I knew some of them and I was certain that they will be right at home on the massive Woodstock stage, while others were new to me. 



All was going deceptively well: we had audience in front of the stage, flags billowing on the wind, and we were ready to go... when Tolak, literally in spur of the moment decision, introduced two additional 'little' projects before the our 'big' project took the stage. RGB and Depresjoniści were the bands represented by amazing musicians, but as soon as I heard their music I was gobsmacked. My jaw dropped, my pulse went up. The music that came flowing from the stage was good, but it was so different from what the crowd had been eagerly anticipating on that August afternoon. I did not mince my words, when I explained to him that this is exactly how you dump all over what was shaping up to be a great concert before the said concert even began! I think the audience was as surprised as I had been, but they bravely took it in their stride and patiently waited for the 'big' show to finally begin.


The concert itself was amazing, a gift to make up for the painful experience. Everything just worked together, each performer being in perfect sync with each-other,. Artists I knew played perfectly, matching Woodstock audience expectations, while newbies surprised and impressed me with their musical chops. They might have been a bit taken aback by the audience, but there was nothing but love and positivity flowing from the stage into the festival field. I reccomend you just watching their interactions, how the concert slowly drifts through the summer night, how all beautifully blends together, and how it harmoniously grows and blooms into a marvellous musical experience.  


Now I know that I will never again agree to 'improve' such a project with some extra additions and performances. Maybe I was a little too harsh in my initial judgement of the two bands - you be the judge, because you can watch and listen to the concert. You can get the entire concert from SiemaShop.I was eager to please Republika's fans by bringing back the legendary tunes back in style, and we have had predominantly positive feedback about the concert. 





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