Music Under Pressure

Music Under Pressure: Woodstock Festival Poland on Film, part II

2016-10-26 14:44:56

An absolute milestone in my cinema experience has been the movie about Woodstock Festival in USA. Why not make a film about our festival, I thought. All hands on deck - there was loads of work to do before we could even dream about releasing a feature film about Woodstock Festival Poland. First thing we had to do was to begin filming with digital cameras. What went on the festival field was as important as the concerts and performances on the stages. We wanted to record the atmosphere of the festival, the sounds, the colours and, what was the most importnat for us - the beautiful people that made this festival the way it is. 

The post-production of the was a real challenge. We had heaps of material. Deciding what to keep and what to scrap was a piece of cake when compared to digital to tape conversion. How did Yah Paszkiewicz and Marek Karolczuk managed to do it, without sacrificing the sound or the video quality shall remain a secret, but when I saw the first part of the film I have been completely and utterly awed. 

Two scenes from this feature make my head spin. First one, and most obvious one is the slow montage of Woodstockians dancing in front of the stage set to Ravel's Bolero. It is a mesmerizing, long cut, a perfect antidote to the grey and cold autumn days. The scene, which is over 6 minutes long is shot in warm, yellow light and it slowly follows the dancing, happy crowd as they bid farewell to the day at sunset. That scene leaves you with a warm glow of a hot summer's evening. It's so full of light, positivity, and pure fun that I can re-watch it on and on and on. The second scene I really enjoy re-watchis shows mud baths. It's just fun to watch people having fun, and their laughter seems to be infections. It is the ultimate feel-good sequence of the film. 

The film bombed at the box office, but it was an instant hit when DVDs have hit the shop. It sold out within days amd now we are out of stock! The lucky owners of the DVD can hop into this amazing time machine and see us as we used to be: a bit younger, with funny hairstyles, and ridiculous outfits...but otherwise happy, careless, and full of hope for what tomorrow might bring. 


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