Music Under Pressure

Music Under Pressure: Festive Concerts

2016-10-26 11:39:03

Easter Concert,  year 2000 

Warsaw, Grand Theatre - National Opera


The idea behind this concert was to bring together two opposing sides of musical spectrum. We brought classical and rock music to the grandiose venue - Grand Theatre - National Opera in Warsaw played host to our Easter Concert. We wanted to go into spring...with a musical spring in our step and say thank you for the Grand Finale, first to take place in the new millenium. Our friends from Voo Voo, Raz Dwa, Trzy, Artur Gadowski, and a very special guest from Southern Africa Amampondo band met with Orchestra and Choir of the National Opera in a concert to commemorate the new age. 

The huge audience of the Grand Theatre - a beautiful historic venue at the very heart of Polish arts and culture was packed with people and overflowing with positive energy and anticipation. The audience was as diverese as the performers who took the stage that night - we were horoured to host our First Lady, Jolanta Kwaśniewska, and to welcome young people who, perhaps, have never been to classical concert. It might have been a challenge for the opera artists to perform in front of a such a colourful and enthusiastic audience, which reacted eagerly and did not hesitate to show their appreciation. On the other hand, our rebellions rock performers were taken out of their comfort zones and faced a gilded decorations instead of an open air venue. Despite all that everyone enjoyed the music and each-other's company. 


No dress code: T-shirts and ties!

Christmas Concert, year 2000 

Warsaw, Polish Theatre

The holiday extrawaganza was all about folk music and pure fun. We invited folk bands from the Polish highlands to celebrate the holiday season with us. Borthers Golec, Trebunie Tutki and Jak Wolność To Wolność were joined by Dharma from Spain. All kinds of drums, pipes, flutes, and trumpets took prececence during that vivrant show. We still fondly remember the decorations, which were inspired by traditional Polish art. 



Christmas Concert, year 2001

Warsaw, Grand Theatre - National Opera 

I Muvrini from Corsica was our international guest star that year and they took the audience in the Polish Theatre for an unforgettable journey. Our guests were amazed at how eagerly the crowd joined. The unquestionable star of that concert was Małgorzata Walewska. The world rebowned opera singer, with performances alongside the likes of Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo on her resume performed in front of the crowd, which broke all the rules of opera savoir vivre, applauding the singers at the most undexpected moments. The orchestra, the choir, and the wonderful soloists took it all gracefully in their stride, which resulted in a beautiful, multifaced performance as soon as they realized that the audience is not being rude - the people, who have been experiencing opera for the first time in their lives, wanted to voice their appreciation! 



Beautiful music and beautiful set design


Christmas Concert, year 2002 

Wrocław, Hala Orbita 

A year later we decided to celebrate the festive season in Wrocław. This time we risked and presented a fusion of warm, mellow jamaican rythms from Michael Black and stronger, sharper shounds of rock'n'roll bands such as De Press and Cree. Despite some unexpected issues with power we pulled it off! The crowning glory of this Christmas Concert was an amazing, overwordly duet of Małgorzata Walewska and Ewelina Filinta, and thinking about it still thrills me. 


We are extremely proud to have been able to celebrate holiday season in such a magical way - by bringing people together, by celebrating the beauty in diversity and making amazing musical memories take shape in some of the most beautiful venues in the country. Never have we ever before looked forward to holidays as much as during that 3-year run of festive concerts! 


Folk at heart

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