Music Under Pressure

Music Under Pressure: Festival That Never Was

2016-12-09 12:15:02

To put the matters simply, the councillors wanted us to pay the town for holding the event in their area - after all we didn't come with all necessary infrastructure, or big star power, which, in turn, didn't bring crowds of people to the otherwise dormant town. Then we heard someone raise a very heated issue of female nudity...and then they touched up on morality of the whole she-bang. They even insinuated that the festival was considerably lacking in poetry. For us the entire event was pure magic, pure art, just poetry in essence! It was time for us to go, because we realized we are not welcome in Żary anymore. 

We chose Lębork as the new home for Woodstock Festival Poland. The city council was so up for it. The hosts gave us the impression that there is nothing they wouldn't do to accommodate our festival. if need be, they would move the train tracks, we had been assured. Little did we know that there was a new sort of threat to the festival taking shape. A commitee for protection of morality was opposing the festival. The committe stood againts nudity, drugs, satanism, and the pure evil embodied by the racous festival-goers. 




 Photo credit: P. Wądołowski 


We lost. The festival never took place in Lębork - morality and purity won... Well done to them, perhaps it's the only achievement of their lives...To say that we were disenhearted was to say nothing at all. We decided to forego holding the festival at all. I think of it as of learning curve. It allowed us to get our priorities straight. We now know who our friends are, and where we can feel at home.  I am sure that we would have persevered if we were faced with a similar crisis today. 


 Photo credit: P. Wądołowski 

Despite all the bureocratic unpleasantness I still think fondly of that festival. People came to Lębork and they've set up a beautiful, spontaneous camp. A few thousand people lived next to one another, in harmony, and in peace. I really hope that the morality police had been brave enough to take a look at their friendly faces, to feel that amazing atmosphere. 

I also smile, when I remember the trick I played on the people listening to my radio show. I decided to broadcast as if I was reporting back from the festival field. There was music, conversation from the stage, speeches, applause. The members of morality committee became heroes of the day, because I have them a chance to apologise for their rash criticism of the festival. I felt bad for our receptionist, who was picking up the phones at the foundation. People were furious, and they accused us of all manner of things. 

I finished the broadcast saying: 'tha's how it could have been...' And next year, we came back to Lębork, where the city council has given me a statuette of lion to say thank you for bringing the festival back to their town. 

 Photo credit: P. Wądołowski 
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