Your personal festival guide – the Pol'and'Rock app!

2022-08-05 18:28:46

When is my favourite band playing? What time will the dreadlocks making workshop be? Where can I find a place to charge my phone? Where does the bus leave from? Find the answers to these and other questions in our festival app!


28th Pol'and'Rock 2022. Photo: Michal Kwasniewski


As every year, our partner Play helped us prepare a special app for all the participants of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! The app contains the most important information so that each one of you will feel comfortable and won’t  forget about the most awaited events of the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival.

As in previous years, it was our festival-goers who had the opportunity to choose the app icon by voting on social media. This year's app is already being used by 31,500 users (as of today – 5.08.2022)! Wondering from which countries the festival app is most downloaded? Apart from Poland, these are: Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, France, and Norway. Festival-goers from Canada, Brazil, or Iceland are also using it!

Wondering why you should download the festival app? There are at least 13 reasons:

  • You will gain access to the full schedule of all festival events.
  • You will learn the most important information about the Most Beautiful Festival in the World!
  • You can create your own schedule of selected attractions.
  • You will receive ongoing notifications from the Festival organisers.
  • You will receive reminders of selected events.
  • You will get information about the weather.
  • You can find out who takes care of you behind the scenes and how you can ask for help.
  • You can check out a map of the festival field, where places such as the nearest first aid station, where to eat, where to shop or where to charge your phone have been marked.
  • You can use the 'find my tent' function, which will guide you to your sleeping tent at any time and also allow you to share the location of your camp with friends.
  • You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • You will find out what attractions our partners have prepared for you in their zones.
  • You can browse the offers of many festival shops from the shopping passage.
  • You can read descriptions of the workshops and festival events, as well as learn more about the bands performing at the festival (including the songs we recommend!).


28th Pol'and'Rock 2022. Photo: Michał Kwasniewski


Are you at the Festival with your child? 

In the app, you can check out useful tips and advice – you will find out where to get wristbands on which you can write down a parent's phone number or special noise-cancelling headphones. We will also tell you what activities you can find for the whole family at the Festival, and which workshops you should definitely take your child to!

Are you a person with a disability?

The Festival app will tell you what facilities will be available to you at the Festival. You'll find out where to find accessible toilets, showers, or a viewing platform to watch concerts, and where to look for a wheelchair support desk.

Couldn’t you make it to the Festival?

You can still find the app very useful! Try to use it to find out what events will be broadcasted live and where to watch them. You can create your own broadcast schedule and also find links to all our social media, where we publish coverage of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! 

Download the app in the Google Play and App Stores and enjoy the fun!  

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