Where were you watching us from?

2022-08-17 13:47:17

Over 1,3 mln people were following the online broadcast of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! 


 Kręcioła TV crew, photo: Lucyna Lewandowska


Livestream for everyone, please!


The online livestream of the Main and Second Stages' concerts as well as the AFA meetings has become a part of our tradition now. Participants from Poland and all over the world, actually, join our 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival online! Since Thursday, over 1,3 mln people were watching the live broadcast on our YouTube channel and Facebook fun page. 



Join us from wherever in the world you are!


Those festivalgoers who could not be with us physically sent their greetings to the participants at the festival field, watching our online livestreams from, i.a. Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, and Ireland. Our broadcast reached even the most distant corners of our globe, gaining popularity in Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Iceland, the Philippines, Peru, Malaysia, the Ivory Coast or Morocco! Apart from our wide audience around the world, Pol'and'Rock Festival is also recognized by the international media from i.a. Turkey or Romania. 


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