When will it be dark? The most important traditions at the Pol'and'Rock Festival!

2021-07-30 16:17:09

Each adventure begins with... a journey

Whoever has travelled to us by train over the years knows what we are talking about. They can be crowded and hot, but also cheerful and very friendly. Traveling with the whole crew, or solo, it doesn't matter, you will have more friends when you get off. More than once or twice people who met on the train for the first time, later spent the entire Festival together. So you should definitely buy a ticket and go to the Pol'and'Rock Festival!


Pol'and'Rock Festival goers at the railway station, photography Michał Kwaśniewski


Hanging flags

This is the unofficial start of the Pol'and'Rock Festival. As soon as the Main Stage is finished and the gates surrounding the area are open (especially for this occasion), the decoration of the wooden front panels attached to the stage begins. This ritual in just a few minutes turns the front of our stage into a crazy, colorful gallery. By designing their flag, participants can give free rein to their extraordinary creativity. However, you should hurry – because whoever is first has a better place! 


 Traditional Hanging of Flags under the Main Stage, photography Łukasz Widziszowski


It will be dark soon...

...shut up! Traditional shout and answer. It has been used at the festival grounds for over 15 years. Simple, beautiful and still funny. The Call is so closely related to the Pol'and'Rock Festival that it has become the name of the program hosted by Jurek Owsiak at Antyradio. 

It will be clean soon

The Pol'and'Rock Festival proves that crowds of people do not mean mountains of rubbish. We create this event together and together we can keep it in order. The action “It will be clean soon” year after year is becoming more and more popular. This year there will be as many as 21 rubbish containers available, at least one on each campsite. The participants themselves ask for garbage bags and take care of their surroundings. You are the best, keep it up! 

Searching for Andrzej

You don't know which Andrzej are we talking about? Nothing simpler, approach any participant and say that you are looking for Andrzej – he will most definitely help you with it ;) 

Singing “happy birthday”

The Pol'and'Rock Festival does many things differently. Among others, the Most Beautiful Festival in the World ends the concerts differently. After the band thanks the fans for their support, the fans thank the band for the show! Therefore, after the last encore, the conductor of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – Jurek Owsiak comes out on the Main Stage and together with the audience sings the loud "Happy Birthday" and "thank you" to the Artists. 


 Jurek Owsiak with the band Crossfaith, photography Damian Mekal


Allegro’s Ferris wheel

The Allegro’s Ferris wheel appeared several years ago and immediately became an inseparable element of the landscape of the Pol'and'Rock Festival. Every year it is one of the most popular attractions. The possibility of going up and seeing the Most Beautiful Festival in the World from a bird's eye view - priceless. You can buy the rest on Allegro :)

This year, the Allegro’s Ferris wheel opened to festival goers on July 28 at 6PM.


 Festival goers waiting to ride the Allegro's Ferris wheel, photography Paweł Krupka


Kefir with potatoes

When the heat is pouring down from the sky, a hard morning after long night in mosh pit takes its toll, there is more air in the wallet than money, and breakfast has to be eaten. There is only one answer - kefir with potatoes. Healthy, fit, gluten-free, regenerative and - most importantly - delicious and cheap. Order, eat, fall in love. It tastes best in the morning;) 

Academy of the Finest of Arts

The Academy of the Finest of Arts is a place of valuable workshops, important meetings and important talks, which cannot be missed at the Festival. We invite exceptional guests from the world of culture, politics and the media, whose words spoken in the Tent of the AFA have often inspired us and moved us to tears. Since 2018, mBank has been the patron of the Academy of the Finest of Arts. Also this year, don't wait - visit the AFA and be richer with special meetings! - The Academy of the Finest of Arts is an obligatory stop at the Festival!

This year, the Academy of the Finest of Arts hosted the 20th anniversary of the Neo-Nówka Cabaret and there are still numerous concerts and amazing guests ahead of us. In addition, 41 organizations have their stands, including 18 dealing with human rights, and 444 workshops will be held!


 Concert na AFA, photography Michał Kwaśniewski


Peace Patrol 

The Peace Patrol consists of volunteers who form the information service of the Pol'and'Rock Festival. However, they do much more. Do you need help, information, or you want to give a high five and take photos together - the Peace Patrol is here to help :) They are one of the most important pillars of the Festival. If you want to join - visit the Peace Patrol website. 


 Peace Patrol, photography Marcin Michoń


The people

Finally, the most important thing. The most beautiful Festival in the World has its one and only unique atmosphere thanks to its participants. Beautiful, colourful, friendly, diverse, creative and joyful. You are the most important and the most beautiful element that gives character to our Festival! Thank you!


Festival goers on their way to the campsite. photography Lucyna Lewandowska


Translated from Polish by Łukasz Kujac

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