We've started playing. The start of concerts and the first meetings at the Academy of the Finest of Arts are already behind us.

2021-07-31 16:24:20

Jurek Owsiak on stage at the AFA, photographer Lucyna Lewandowska

We took the bull by the horns! - admitted Jurek Owsiak, president of the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy Foundation, during a press conference, just before the first concerts took place on the Main Stage. Although the 27th Pol'and'Rock Festival officially started on Thursday, July 29, at the beginning of the week, the Academy of the Finest of Arts opened to festivalgoers with a whole arsenal of its events, concerts and workshops.

27. Pol'and'Rock Festival is a place where people are willing to engage in social activities. They are open-minded, empathetic and ready for conversations, even for many hours. This is what the Academy of the Finest of Arts offers us. 

AFA attractions waiting for the participants this year :

41 non-governmental organizations, 18 of which deal with human rights issues,

444 workshops,

9 guests.

During the entire Festival, we will hear a total of 1,740 minutes of live music, 320 of which will be played on the ASP Night Stage, which was opened on Wednesday evening by cabaret Neo-Nówka, introducing the festival goers into a positive, good mood. And that's not all!


Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa band, photography Michał Kwaśniewski


Respect and understanding - workshops at the Academy of the Finest of Arts

Most of the workshops are related to freedom of speech. - emphasizes Jurek Owsiak.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations, associations and foundations present at the Festival take care to develop the knowledge and competences of their participants during the workshops. There will be 444 workshops throughout the duration of the festival. Their common idea is that everyone is unique, and the beautiful diversity also means mutual respect and understanding.

And that's still not the end! Meetings with guests of the Academy of the Finest of Arts.

The great value of the Festival is the opportunity to talk with inspiring people. For 15 years, the Academy of the Finest of Arts has been inviting you to meetings conducted by journalists of An interesting guest is one thing, and the inquisitive and perceptive interviewer next to them - is another. Together, these two create a unique space for the exchange of ideas and thoughts, into which the participants are then drawn. It is important to ask the right question and moderate the conversation in a way that will interest the diverse audience of the Festival. Therefore, for several years now, the Academy of the Finest of Arts meetings have been conducted by some of the best journalists in the country.


Make Life Harder - selfie with the audience, photographer Lucyna Lewandowska



The Academy of the Finest of Arts is a place of unique conversations with the most interesting people from Poland and sometimes the world. This year, the following will sit on the red armchairs in the Tent of the Academy of the Finest of Arts:

July 30

10.00 – Karolina Walczowska in conversation with Elżbieta Dzikowska, one of the most famous Polish travelers, but also art historians, sinologists, directors and film operators;

11.30 – Bartosz Węglarczyk in conversation with an actor and musician, Arek Jakubik;

13.30 – Kamil Dziubka, who will lead the debate entitled: ''Are we in danger of Polexit? Legal battle to protect European values''

July 31

10.00 – Jasmin Marczewska in conversation with Radek Kotarski;

11.30 – Janusz Schwertner in conversation with Przemek Kossakowski and the Down the road team.

13.30 – Dorota Welman in a conversation with Marta Lempart, the initiator of Black Monday, and Marta Klepka.


Andrzej Chyra on stage at AFA, photography Paweł Kupka



Thursday morning at the Academy of Fine Arts also provided us with interesting impressions. They inspired the festival goers from the stage:

Karol Kosiorowski in conversation with pilot Łukasz Czepiela,

Katarzyna Janowska in an interview with Andrzej Chyra,

Jakobe Mansztajn - poet, blogger, creator of the Instagram profile Make Life Harder, with Piotr Halicki “on the other side of the microphone”.


Festival goers at AFA, photography Marcin Zieliński


The first events are behind us! You can be sure that the following days will be amazing and emotional-filled from dawn to late night!

The 27th Pol'and'Rock Festival takes place on July 29-31 at the former Makowice-Płoty airport in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. On an area of ​​78 hectares, there are campsites, a stage where nearly 30 performers will perform, the Academy of the Finest of Arts zone with meetings with outstanding guests and evening concerts, as well as partner spaces.

The Festival will include, among others Dżem, Dubioza Kolektiv, Hańba !, Black River, Tides from Nebula, Renata Przemyk, Morgane Ji and Kasia Kowalska. At the Academy of the Finest of Arts - on the following days - you will be able to meet Arkadiusz Jakubik, Marta Lempart, Elżbieta Dzikowska, Przemek Kossakowski and the Down the Road team, Radek Kotarski and attorneys Sylwia Gregorczyk-Abram and Michał Wawrykiewicz (meeting about Polexit).

The festival has a hybrid form - it is available both to participants present on site, but also to people that can follow its course on the Internet. In the stationary form, up to 20,000 participants can participate in the event, including vaccinated and unvaccinated people (in accordance with the regulation of the Council of Ministers) - holders of special tickets. The event's broadcast is available on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, as well as on Onet and on Antyradio.

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