Wednesday Full of Positive Vibrations

2019-08-01 12:28:47


Academy of the Finest of Arts

This venue was definitely the busiest one on Wednesday! It all started with talks, stand-up and next was full of great variety of workshops for all the participants of our Festival.

AFA Big Tent, photo by Lucyna Lewandowska

Among a countless number of the workshops topics were a disability, going green, first aidwomen rights, self-defence for women, students volunteering, programming for children, songs dactylology (yay!).


Joyous faces all round. Photo by Marcin Michon

Theme spots

There are plenty of places on the Hill of Academy of the Finest of Arts such as Fantasy Festival Pyrkon with Cthulhu Zone, Multiple Culture Village, Women Rights Foundation Centre, Greenpeace (with #noplastic action), CPR Tent, with Krishna Village of Peace nearby the Hill.

Women's Time, photo by Żaneta Kostyk

#noplastic by GREENPEACE, photo by Żaneta Kostyk


Titbit of news

One of the departments of University of Poznań (WEAiK) carried an action "25x25" creating 25 Paintings for 25th Anniversary of Pol'and'Rock Festival. 
The participants had the chance to have a free HVC test.
In CPR Tent is happy to host not only adults but also our youngest participants. We make it possible at the Festival for ALL of you to learn how to rescue others from the earliest age!

Pol'and'Rock by Night

All the events on Wednesday took place in two venues. The first one, The Night Stage of Academy of the Finest of Arts is in AFA Big Tent. It got a brand new shape and looks. Last night we could watch there an absolutely stunning stand-up and listen to great jazz concerts. The second, Viva Kultura Stage in Krishna Village of Peace, is an open-air stage thanks to which you have a chance to watch and listen to performing artists outdoor!

A night of Jazz music. Photo by Marcin Michoń

Bands and Performance

Thanks to brilliant variety and diversity of artists yesterday night was full of superbly positive vibes! We could listen to the following bands on Viva Kultura Stage (in order of appearance): Offensywa, Natura, Conga Line, Zimna Wojna, Skampararas, Karcer, and Gaga/Zielone Żabki which lit up the audience in no time!

The Night Stage of Academy of the Finest of Arts kicked off with hilarious stand-up comedian group HRABI. The audience couldn't stop laughing!

Joanna Kołaczkowska from HRABI (left)

As for the music experience, the first band Jazz Band Młynarski – Masecki took the stage by storm. Atom String Quarter and Mitch&Mitch bands gave an unforgettable performance too.

Jazz Band Młynarski – Masecki

All in all, Wednesday seemed like a piece of fantastic music and artistic experience!

We can't' wait for the grand opening of Main and Second Stage this afternoon, though! Make sure you are with us during this epic moment!


Authors Żaneta K. & Mika

Translated by Magda H.

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