We wrapped it up! 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival in numbers

2022-08-17 14:32:15

The 28th edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World has just ended. Together we spent almost 4 days filled with joy, peace, and love – elements that cannot be illustrated with numbers easily. We, however, managed to wrap the statistics up! See the Pol'and'Rock Festival's numbers:


  • 9 - the number of meetings we held at the Academy of the Finest of Arts Tent
  • 14 - this is the number of the AFA guests you had the chance to meet
  • 18 - bands that played at the Second Stage
  • 23 - bands that gigged at the Main Stage


The official beginning of the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Michał Kwaśniewski


  • 36 – workshops in which you participated at the AFA Tent
  • 51 – the number of huge containers distributed across the festival field where you could dump the rubbish bags
  • 65 – the numbr of the NGOs who organise activities for you in the NGO Zone 
  • 100 – that's how many hours was our festival Lidl opened non-stop! 
  • 205 – the space of the Czaplinek-Broczyno Airfield in hectares 
  • 732 – the number of activities prepared by the NGOs for you


Pol'and'Rock board game, photo: Małgorzata Telega


  • 750 – that's how many Peace Patrol volunteers were looking after you and your safety at the Festival
  • 1943 – the number of entries in our Travel Bank
  • 5062 – the number of voices cast for Dirty Shirt in the Golden Spinning Top
  • 15 000 – that's how many mBank limited edition payment cards you bought
  • 52 170 – the amount we raised for our Eco Initiative (“It's about to be clean”)
  • 308 900 kg - all the collected and transported waste!
  • nearly 1,5 mln – that's the number of views of our online livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch



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