Virtual Festival Field

2020-07-31 22:40:19


Can you set up your camp online? Is there any trick to converting the atmosphere into terabytes, and the dust which is raised by the thousand stomping feet into pixels? How to transport the 500 thousand strong audiences into virtual reality? How to share the atmosphere and vibe with people who are hundreds of miles apart? We know that with your help and your involvement everything is possible. 

We come to Kostrzyn nad Odrą to build a new community, to establish a temporary home, a place where everyone is welcome, where the hugs are free, and where everything - joy and sorrow can be shared and memories and friends for life are made. We wanted to carry that fantastic feeling of community built on tolerance and mutual respect everywhere where there's someone who shares our values and listens to music with a heart full of hope and love. 

Our community, as usual, came through in the end. We set to work to recreate that festival campsite using Discord. We can carry on the buzz, the energy, and vibrant energy of our merry band of festival friends and have fun online. 


Duża scena podczas rozpoczęcia fot. Michał Kwaśniewski


Initially, we were anxious about moving our festival community to a virtual festival field. We took that risk to discover that the first day of our Discord activity, we've registered 3000 visits from friends old and new. They exchanged over 5000 messages and people keep joining in! 

With support from Mastercard we can prove that festival-goers, despite being located all over the world can recreate the atmosphere which resembles the mood of the Kostrzyn nad Odrą field almost exactly. 

They exchange pictures, advice on how to organize the best house party. They even establish regional channels and reach out to each other in real world. The love and friendship are palpable, the music keeps playing and we see Discord developing - not into a replacement - but a complement to the festival field. 

The energy we can feel is 100% genuine despite being lines of code. The community we have on our Discord field does not just mimic the festival community - it is a force of its own, one to be reckoned with and admired. We are looking forward to exploring the features of the community further!  says Karol Gagtko, who manages Discord for Pol'and'Rock Festival. 


Discord fot.Grzegorz Adamek 


Paradoxically, we are closer to one other than we even expected: we can carry long, detailed conversations with people who are actually as far away as, literally, the other side of the world. We can send greetings, words of encouragement, and friendship to people we've never met before. We can divide our time between being home, safely, and at the festival, sampling the vibrant atmosphere, and the ever-changing crowd we associate with the festival.  

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