Three days to go!

2019-07-29 20:37:18


Whether it’s your first or twenty-fifth Festival with us, it’s always good to remind everyone: you don’t want to be hauling an overflowing backpack to and from Kostrzyn. To help you combat the desire to pack everything that might be needed, we’ve come up with a quick packing guide so you don’t miss anything important, but don’t take things you definitely will not need!

(1) For the night
Be sure to pack the bare basics: a tent, a foam mat, and a sleeping bag. Your tent will be your home base during the Festival. For a quality sleeping experience, replace the foam mat with a self-inflating mattress. Your back will thank you. See a list of packing essentials! 

(2) For the elements
Weather the elements with protection for both the sweltering heat and rainier days. For the sun, pack a baseball cap or straw hat, a tub of waterproof SPF protection, and sunglasses. Be ready for the storm with a poncho, a raincoat, some trekking or combat boots to brave the mud, and a waterproof fanny pack or backpack (or at least a ziplock bag for your electronics).


Sunset over the Main Stage in 2018. Photo ny Lucyna Lewandowska

(3) For the body
Our shower and restroom facilities are ready and waiting! Be sure to pack flip flops, a towel (microfibre or the like are the quickest to dry), and some all-in-one shower gel and shampoo. For peak water use effectiveness, brush your teeth as you shower!
Don’t forget your daily medication and other basic first aid items: painkillers, band-aids, bug spray and the like. For anything more serious, visit one of our first aid points and get help from our Medical Patrol team members.

(4) For the mind
Keep festival stress to a minimum by keeping all your information sources in order. Download the Pol’and’Rock Festival app (available both on Android and iOS) and stay up-to-date on weather alerts, important times and dates, and other festival goings-on.

(5) For a safe festival
Finally, the list of things you should leave at home. Avoid bringing valuables and electronic equipment, as they might be too easy to lose in a crowd. Don’t bring glass packaging, as it’s too easy to break and cut open an arm or a leg on. Leave your camping stoves at home—the festival field is a fire-free zone—and make use of our catering area or the delicacies from the Krishna village instead. Finally, leave your pets at home! A crowd of hundreds of thousands of people is the last place your good boy or girl wants to be at. Read Festival Rules & Regulations! 
See you soon!


Festival app. Photo by M. Michon


M. Marciniak translation and additional text by Ada

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