The Rumjacks at Pol'and'Rock

2020-03-09 19:24:51


The band was established in Sydney in 2008 and released two EPs, "Hung, Drawn & Portered" and "Sound as a Pound", just one year later. Rumjacks dropped LP "Gangs of New Holland" in 2010, and video for "An Irish Pub Song", promoting their debut release, went viral, helping Rumjacks break into the mainstream. What followed was a ceaseless touring schedule, which took the quintet across Australia and Europe. Rumjacks appeared in the line-ups of festivals such as Lowlands, Boomtown Fair, Mighty Sounds. The Rumjacks wrote and recorded their second and third albums, "Sober & Godless" in 2015 and "Sleepin' Rough" in 2016 while still on tour.


In 2016 the band showcased their energetic and powerful blend of Celtic folk and punk to the Main Stage of Woodstock Festival Poland. Our audience appreciated the band's raw energy, no-holds-barred performance and, first and foremost, rocked out to the Rumjack's trademark sound. The primary source of inspiration for the group is the fast-paced, catchy quality of Celtic folk music, which, when paired with dynamic punk rock and elements of hard rock results in a sound which is uniquely the Rumjacks.

To celebrate their decade together, the Rumjacks released their fourth full-length album, "Saints Preserve Us" in 2018. The 12-track album is a blistering ball of wild energy that sees the band in peak
performance, showing a level of musicianship and songwriting that only ten years of endless touring and playing together' can bring. Two live albums followed suit a year later, in 2019. "Live in Athens" and "Live in London - Acoustic Sessions" embody the band's skills, talent, and commitment to bringing their best in live performances.


The Rumjacks

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