The final straight – how to prepare for the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival?

2022-08-02 09:38:32

We are only a few days away from the whistle starting The Most Beautiful Festival in the World. In this article, we have put together tips for you on how to prepare best to celebrate the idea of our Festival – love, peace and music.

Starting with the most important: The Most Beautiful Festival in the World – no matter where it takes place – is an oasis of love, peace, tolerance and kindness. As a festival community, with our actions we say a firm NO to war, drugs, hate and prejudice. Remember this before, during and after the Festival!


Festivagoers at the 27th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Stanisław Wadas



This year's edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival is packed with activities that we have prepared especially for you! We’ve invited as many as 42 bands, 14 AFA guests and a Stand Up show. In addition to meetings in the AFA Main Tent, we have organised as many as 36 workshops in the Workshop Tent.

Remember also about the NGO Zone, where 65 NGOs will be waiting for you. The dizzying number of activities you will be able to enjoy at the NGOs zone stands this year at 732! They include, among others, lectures, workshops, simulations, tournaments, and sports zones! 

You can find the entire list of activities in our schedule


Festival App 

We also encourage you to download our Festival app, where you can create your own list of activities you are interested in. You will receive notifications reminding you of upcoming events, and push messages informing you of any changes to the line-up.

Map, schedule and information on teams, guests, and projects – all in one place on your phones! 

The festival app also offers a My-Tent service. You mark the location of your newly pitched festival palace on the map – when you return from a concert or workshop, the app will show you the way straight to your tent!

The app is available for Android and iOS devices.


Pol'and'Rock app, Photo: Marcin Zieliński


Packing list 

Our classic Festivalgoer's download. While packing, don’t lose your head and remember to bring your smile, kindness, and open mind. Stay safe and look out for each other!



Get into the festival mood on your way to Pol'and'Rock Festival! This year we have prepared 3 playlists on Spotify, perfect for listening to with the whole group in the car and on the train. 

  • Pol'and'Rock Festival – the official Festival’s playlist, where you can find performers who will play for you on the Main and the Second Stage. If you want to remind yourself of your favourite songs, do your Festival carpool karaoke, or simply get to know the bands you don't know yet – this is the perfect playlist for you.

  • Zaraz Będzie Czysto [“It's about to be clean”] – playlist for cleaning – our music experts, in collaboration with you – the participants – have developed a playlist that definitely speeds up the cleaning process! We encourage you to take part in our Eco Initiative – the “It's about to be clean” campaign. Let's take care of our piece of land together and clean up after ourselves. 
  • Winners of the Emerging Bands Competition at the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival – a playlist on which you can listen to those who took part in the Emerging Bands Competitions to Pol'and'Rock Festival. This year they will fulfil their dreams of playing on the stage at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. We especially encourage you to listen to this one.


Social media

Follow us on our social media platforms! You will find there the most important information, tips, photos and interesting facts there: 

We will broadcast the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival at Kręcioła TV YouTube channel, Twitch and Facebook. We will also be broadcasting on our Pol'and'Rock Radio!


Festival rules and regulations

Although this year's edition of the Festival returns to its traditional open and non-ticketed format, we would like to remind you that all participants are bound by the Festival Regulations. Remember that we care about your safety, so please pay attention to the things covered by the Rules and Regulations. By following the Rules and Regulations you make our work easier and make Pol'and'Rock Festival not only the most beautiful but also the safest Festival in the world! 

You can find all Festival regulations HERE



If you are coming to the Festival with your child, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. It’s especially important to protect your child from the sun – make sure your child is well hydrated and has UV protection. Loud music coming from the stages or the Festival radio can put your child's health at risk, so be sure to bring noise-cancelling headphones. You can find them at two locations – the AFA Workshop Tent and the CPR for Schools tent. Please also remember to give your children wristbands with your telephone number.


Children at the 25th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Ola Drutkowska


Safety at our Festival, as every year, is guarded by the Peace Patrol and Blue Patrol (people in red or blue T-shirts). Listen to them and follow their instructions. They are here for you and your safety. Don't be afraid to approach them, have a chat and give them a high-five – they will surely answer all your questions!

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