Ten Epic Festival Moments

2019-08-19 15:14:47


Let's go back to those beautiful days at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2019! We have ranked ten most epic festival moments - from awesome gigs to memorable moments you - our audience - helped to create. 



1. Race to pin banners & flags onto the Main Stage 

It's always an exciting moment when we open the Main Stage arena and you race to the Main Stage to pin your banners and flags to the base of the stage. Our Main Stage does not have any barriers, but as it is almost 2 meters in height, there is plenty of space to showcase your artwork. 



2. Sunflowers at the Opening Ceremony 

Sunflowers hark back to one of the first festivals we organised. Still known as Woodstock Festival Poland, the festival took place in Żary, where a sunflower field surrounded the festival site. That's why we decided to hand out 10 000 flowers to the festival-goers. The yellow flowers made a gorgeous sight at the opening ceremony. 


10 tysięcy słoneczników na Rozpoczęciu Najpiękniejszego Festiwalu Świata fot. Michał Kwaśniewski


3. Red Bull Air Show 

When Jurek Owsiak opened the festival, we got to witness an exciting air show courtesy of Red Bull. A team of Łukasz Czepiela and The Flying Bulls presented impressive skills 


4. Warsaw Uprising Anniversary 

It is one of the more sombre moments of the festival. For one minute, at precisely 5 PM, the entire festival came together in complete and utter silence. We commemorated the fallen heroes of the Warsaw Uprising - men and women who gave their lives in a fight for freedom. 



5. Renata Przemyk Celebrates her 30th anniversary on stage

A touching night concert at the AFA Big Tent Stage. Renata Przemyk - an actress and singer-songwriter came up with a unique rock'n'roll inspired show to celebrate her 30th anniversary on stage. 


Koncert Renaty Przemyk na Nocnej Scenie ASP był zachwycający fot. Lucyna Lewandowska


6. Bogusław Stanisławski at the AFA 

Bogusław Stanisławski is one of the founders of the Polish branch of Amnesty International. A social activist, who is especially vocal on matters of social justice and involved in the fight against hate speech, has shared a very touching message with the festival-goers. He expressed hope in the future generations but warned them not to remain apathetic and to take up action and make their voices heard. 


Bogusław Stanisławski dołączył do Justyny Kopińskiej i Igora Tulei w Dużym Namiocie ASP fot. Basia Lutzner

7. Krzysztof Zalewski crowd surfs 

For the first time in his career, the singer-songwriter decided to take a leap of faith and crowd-surf. If you add an amazing first dance - a couple of newlyweds was hoisted on the Main Stage and shared a moment on stage with both the artist and the promotor of the festival, Jurek Owsiak - Zalewski's gig on the Main Stage was one for history books! 


Krzysztof Zalewski na Dużej Scenie Najpiękniejszego Festiwalu Świata fot. Bartek Muracki

8. "Love Wall" at Concerts 

We are all familiar with the death wall - when two groups of metalheads race towards each other in a music-filled frenzy, but have you heard of a "Love Wall" when people race towards each other to exchange hugs or kisses? First-ever editions of "Love Walls" were recorded at #polandrock2019 - let's hope this tradition will take! 



9. Bike Parade 

A massive motorcade of bikes traditionally took place during the festival. Bike lovers took part in an impressive show. 



10. Skin's birthday 

In what Skunk Anansie vocalist describes as the band's biggest gig to date, the crowd celebrated a triple birthday - the band's and the festivals' anniversary and the singer's birthday. It was ane electric show - filled with raw emotion and one where there was an immediate connection between the artists and the audience. 


Wokalista Skunk Anansie - Skin w dniu koncertu obchodziła urodziny! fot. Damian Mękal

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