Taste the Festival

2020-07-30 20:44:59


We invite you to take part in your cook-out! No queues, no dust in your food (we will miss that taste this year though), complete access to kitchen and menu you can modify to suit your taste - you are the master chef this time! Are you going to try your hand at the traditional summer fare of young potatoes with kefir (kind of sour-tasting buttermilk - a Polish speciality, best for curing after-party blues) or that unique taste of gigantic hot dog (best for curing those late-night munchies)? Or if you have a feeling for vegan food, you can take yourself to the Krishna Village of Peace for halava, rice, and that mysterious concoction known as "power balls" - useful any time you can feel your energy go down.


Let the festival commence! photo Szymon Aksienionek

Do you have to stay at home? So what? Crank up the volume of your headphones, turn in our broadcast from the festival studio and cook up a storm! 


Taste of the festival can come in an unexpected form - it can be a collection of smells, sounds, or an image which bring back memories of the festival field—feeling nostalgic yet? After you sample that taste by experimenting in your kitchen, you can upload your "foodporn" creation to Instagram and use our #polandrock2020 hashtag to share it with the online foodie community. You can take a plunge and dive into our live feed on Facebook - chat away, share your stories, and just feel like a part of a community. 


You can relive some of that queue community feeling on Discord. Join the community and chat away with people who have the same taste for music, festival and share your vibe. Discord became our festival campsite, buzzing with activity, full of chatting people and festival camaraderie - all online, and all from the safety of your homes. Remember that you can cultivate the community you create throughout the year and you can meet offline at Pol'and'Rock 2021! 


All dressed up and only the Internet to go to... photo Paweł Krupka




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