TABU at The Most Beautiful Festival in the World

2020-06-26 13:36:54


TABU was established in 2003. The band is known for their reggae-inspired music, which features a large brass section. Even though the musicians sing in Polish, their music remains faithful to Rastafarian roots - saying, smooth rhythms and energetic and upbeat message behind their songs are prevalent among music lovers in Poland. 


The musicians have always been great friends of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. They are prominently featured at both the charitable events and concerts during the winter fundraiser concerts and the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. The band played both Second and Main Stage of the festival, winning one of the most coveted prizes in the Polish music business - the Golden Spinning Top Award, which is voted by the audience who decides which show at the festival they would like to see reprised at the Main Stage in the following year. This year the band will play far from the audience, at the festival studio in Warsaw, but their show will be broadcast on the internet. 





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