Static-X at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2020-02-24 16:45:55


Established in Los Angeles in 1994 by the charismatic vocalist and guitarist Wayne Static, the band became one of the frontrunners of the nu-metal and industrial metal scene. The original line-up of the band included drummer Ken Jay, guitarist Koichi Fukada, and bassist Tony Campos. The band's debut album, "Wisconsin Death Trip",  was released in 1999 and was certified platinum and established Static-X as one of the critical bands experimenting with heavy metal music and taking it to a new level and into the new Millenium. A relentless touring schedule followed suit - Static-X played over 300 gigs in one year. The band went on to release five acclaimed albums in the following decade. From their second album, released in 2001 "Machine", Static-X recorded an album every two years. "Shadow Zone", "Start a War", "Cannibal", and "Cult of Static" ensured the band's leading position in music charts and secured headliner sets at some of the best-known festivals, such as Download Festival, Ozzfest, and Rock on the Range. 


Static-X is one of the key bands playing nu-metal and industrial metal music. Static-X sound is all about aggressive guitar ruffs, powerful percussion rhythms, guttural growling, and controversial lyrics combined with electronica and techno-inspired pulsing samples. Wayne Static dubbed their sound as "evil disco", because it combines brutal power of heavy metal, speed of thrash with elements of techno and electro. Trademark Static-X sound is brutal, no-holds-barred and futuristic. 




The band's line-up went through several changes, and Static-X eventually broke up in 2013. Static's tragic death followed in 2014. In 2018 the remaining members of the original line-up: Jay, Fukada, and Campos announced a worldwide reactivation tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album and honouring the memory of Wayne Static. A masked vocalist joined the band for the 2019 world tour. Known only as Xer0, the band's new frontman wears a mask eerily resembling Static's ghoulish likeness.

Xer0's growling and disturbing vocals will be featured on the upcoming "Project Regeneration Volume 1", which is set for release in the spring of 2020. The album will feature previously unreleased vocals by Wayne Static and re-recordings of "Bled for Days" and "Push It" sung by Xer0. "Hollow", single promoting this new album, was released this February. 

The success of the band's worldwide tour proves that the audience yearns for their trademark fusion of metal and electronic music and their gig at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World will bring out the best mosh pit. 



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