St Patric's Day Pol'and'Rock Style!

2020-03-17 15:49:29

Ireland is famous for its beautiful countryside, great drinks, and rich history, but above all else, it is a land of singers and poets. Irish people are very proud of their musical heritage, and Celtic music has been known to be a strong influence for many artists. Bands playing music inspired by Irish folk performed at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World and this year's line-up shapes up to showcase lots of Irish music as well! 




Here is our subjective selection of music which will transport you to an Irish pub - just in time for St. Patric's Day celebrations from the safety of your home. 


Luck of the Irish! fot. Igor Kohutnicki 


We will begin with Carrauntoohil. The name of the band refers to the highest peak in Ireland and the band excels at paying a suitable hommage to traditional Irish music. The band was even praised by the Irish bard, Seamus Heaney himself. The poet credited Carrauntoohil with brining a true Irish spirit with them wherever they perform. 



In 2015, the Main Stage line-up featured a performance of the fantastic Flogging Molly. The Irish-American group was an instant audience favourite with their energetic and powerful blend of traditional folk and rebellious punk music. You can find two tracks from their energetic gig on kręciołaTV website. 


 Flogging Molly. fot. Anna Migda


In 2016 we got to enjoy two Irish punk bands on the Main Stage. Swedish punk rockers from Finnegan's Hell are fascinated by the Irish pub scene and the music you can hear on the streets of Dublin. In their gig, they skillfully combined traditional instruments with no-holds-barred attitude of punk music. 



Main Stage has also featured Irish punk band hailing from Australia. The Rumjacks will return to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World this year, where we will be able t enjoy some of the old favourites, like "Irish Pub Song" and some brand new tunes!. 




Irish folk makes everything better, doesn't it? If you ever wondered how this traditional music will complement rap, House of Pain have the answer. In 2017 the Boston rappers took the Main Stage and showed their hommage to their Irish roots. The huge audience loved their high-voltage performance. 




House of Pain fan sporting their merch. fot. Marcin Michon

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