Spin Doctors at Pol’and’Rock Festival 2023!

2022-12-17 14:20:00

Spin Doctors will rock the Main Stage during the 29th Pol’and’Rock Festival at the Czaplinek-Broczyno Airport. Yes - that’s what we said now!

Spin Doctors, photo: band's promo materials
With their seventh album underway, the legendary New York rockers keep up the pace and set off for another dashing world tour. The band is full of surprises and a list of top hits blasting one after another. “Two Princes” and “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” are their flag pieces perfectly mirroring their intangible style. They will arrive at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World to delight the audience with their signature blend of alternative rock infused with groove and blues notes and topped with a subtle pop sprinkle. 
A long-term strategy has never been the Spin Doctors’ style. While cultural commentators have long since given up plotting the trajectory of this most unpredictable band, it’s a revelation to learn that the lineup themselves have no road map. 

For the next album, I kinda want to stay spontaneous. I’d personally like to make a quarter-turn and do a rock record. But I have a feeling it’s gonna get funky. Y’know, there’s that great quote from Keith Richards when he went to meet Mick Jagger at AIR Studios to make Steel Wheels. And he told his wife – ‘I’ll either be back tomorrow or in a month’. I think that’s how it’s gonna go for us, too.

considers Barron, the lead singer 



Thirty years. A thousand twists. But whatever happens down the road, rest assured that the Spin Doctors will always be the last men standing, still making music like their lives depend on it, still riding the bus, still shaking the room.  

29th Pol'and'Rock Festival 


The 29th Most Beautiful Festival in the World will be held between 3-5 August 2023 at the former Czaplinek-Broczyno Airfield. Czaplinek is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland, between the Drawsko and Czaplino Lakes, ca. 125 km from Szczecin. 

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