Kult at Pol'nad'Rock Festival - dreams do come true

2019-04-01 16:29:57


There hasn't been a band to capture the imagination, dreams, longings and frustrations of generations of Poles in a way that Kult has. Since its establishment nearly 40 years ago, the alternative rock and punk band have embodied the changing moods of young generations of Poles, remaining true to bands' authentic character. As their fans grew up, Kult retained the prized position of a legendary music heavyweight and ceaselessly attracted young generations of fans. 

The band keeps touring and releasing new music and is the only band on the Polish music circuit to continue playing, uninterrupted since 1982. 3000 live shows, 15 studio and 2 live albums later their music and words remain as fresh and interesting as before. What sets the band apart is the fact that their lyrics and music ring true despite their huge commercial success. Whether you graduated in 1992 or 2002 or 2012 in Poland, you will be able to recognize and hum one of their songs. The consciousness of Kult has seeped into Polish national consciousness. 


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Kult's music is a bridge between generations, a creative force connecting parents and their children. With rock anthems recognized by any music fan from Poland, Kult was one of the most requested bands to confirm their performance at the Main Stage of Pol'and'Rock Festival. It only seems fitting that this massive open-air festival, which has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide will host one of the legends of the Polish music scene. 

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