Slift at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2021-06-29 13:28:46


The band produces unique, interesting sounds which can only be described as space-rock. However, the band's inspiration lies far in outer space. The band draws inspiration from garage rock, doom rock, psychedelic rock, and krautrock to achieve that space-rock, psychedelic cosmic journey sound. Krautrock was conceived in mid 20th century Germany when introducing electronic elements was still uncommon and innovative. This niche genre influenced the development of rock music as we know it now. Music inspired by krautrock is characterised by extended, echoing compositions, the reliance on mechanical sounds and hypnotic mantra-like passage and emphasis on improvisation and even introduces some elements of razor-sharp jamming into the mix. 

Slift plays music straight from the steel belly of a soaring spacecraft - their sound is tense yet spacious and does not oppress the listener because the artists know how to pace the tempo. More melodic, psychedelic-soaked passages break up the wall of dense guitar sounds and rocket-launcher fast drums. Slift's music is sharp and melodic simultaneously, tense, but with enough spaciousness and perspective to be instantly enjoyable. 

Mantra-like extended repetitions leave some breathing space and give their sound a film music quality. Additionally, the band is highly conceptual when it comes to their sound and lyrics, as evidenced by Slift's latest offering, a conceptual album "Ummon", which tells the story of an adventure reminiscent of ancient myths which are set in space. 

Slift is a trio of musicians hailing from Toulouse in France. They debuted their extended play in  2017, and an album followed just a year later, in 2018. Aptly titled "La Planete Inexploree" (An Unexplored Planet) introduced the audience to the trio's brand of space-rock music genre. Released in 2020, "Ummon" established the group as one of the most interesting rock bands. "Levitation Sessions" is a live compilation of Slift's music released earlier this year, showcasing the musician's skills focus. 

We are delighted that we will introduce the band to the Polish audience, and the concert at Pol'and'Rock Festival will be the French trio's first show in Poland. 


Slift. photo: Rabo

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