Skunk Anansie Drops Video for "This Means War"

2020-02-07 15:56:07


Skunk Anansie's concert at Pol'and'Rock Festival seemed to be the work of serendipity - the 25th edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World hosted the band celebrating its 25 years together on frontwoman Skin's birthday - what more could one want from a show? The band's energy came together with that of a couple hundred thousand strong audience, and it resulted in an unforgettable, one of a kind show. Today "This Means War" video, recorded during Skunk Anansie concert at Pol'and'Rock was released on Kerrang!.


Skin celebrates her birthday with a massive crowd of revellers. photo Grzegorz Adamek


Hot off the announcement of their 2020 tour, the Britrock icons dropped their newest video. "This Means War" was recorded during the band's massive show at Pol'and'Rock Festival where Skunk Anansie played as part of their 2019 tour celebrating the band's 25th anniversary. The track follows "What You Do For Love", single released in 2019. 
The video was released on Kerrang! magazine website. The video captures the massive audience of revellers and the pure joy of the band, sharing their talent and energy with the crowd. Skunk Anansie's show was a real triumph of raw power and skill and showcased the joy brought by live performances and the connection the artists can forge with the audience. 


It was the biggest gig of our career and it just happened to be my birthday. Having hundreds of thousands of people singing to you is a weird one. I thought it was a universal melody, but Poland has a totally different tune — it took me a while to figure out what it was.‘It was a proper “wow”  moment 

- Skin for Metro News 


Skin opening their Pol'and'Rock gig. photo Damian Mękal

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