Saint City Orchestra at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2020-03-16 21:15:00


If you have ever experienced the "SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA" live on stage, you'll never again forget about them. With their debut album, the guys from St. Gallen (Switzerland) conserve the thrilling energy from their stage performance into ten songs, which equally stimulates your eyes, your ears and your legs, all at the same time.

A lot of careers in the music business start bumpy and with huge detours but the "SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA" seems to know only one direction: strait-ways and steep uphill! It's been only four years since the - you could almost say by chance - the foundation of the band. Encouraged from over a 100 Stage shows, the Swiss answer to Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and Mumford and Sons decided to drop their first Single "KNIGHTS & THIEVES" in June 2017. Two months later followed by the self-titled debut-EP. But their home is and stays the stage, and so they toured nonstop all across the country making sure no t-shirt stays dry! The clubs got more prominent and fuller, they changed from side stages to main stages and also inspired the crowds at major festivals.



The band's first album was released in 2018.  The opener of "Chaos" is the track "I'M ALRIGHT" already specifies the direction of impact. Accordion, guitar and violin march ahead tightly leaving no dancing leg still and the chorus can be sung or yelled along, even if you had a little too much of Irish beer. The motivating "STICKS AND STONES" and the rough "I'M A PUNK" keep the tempo on a high level until the already released single "MR. AND MRS" (written and recorded with MADYX from LA, US) cares for an eye winking rest. Gentle by her standards, "Set Sail" comes along, and you can already imagine a sea of lights glooming over the heads of the audience at the concerts. After "A CONMAN GREED", carried by a beautiful acoustic guitar and equipped with a catchy chorus, the breather ends and the 4 "Saints" come back to their usual energy level. "LOOK LIKE GOLD" isn't just a final catchy tune, it should also turn into a live favourite. "Saint City My Pride" finally takes St. Gallen right into the heart of Ireland.

It's not a coincidence that the last song is called "THAT'S NOT THE END", the milestone of the first album will soon be followed by more. That means the expansion correctly to Europe, for which booking agencies in Germany and the Czech Republic are already board. On their "SET SAIL ALBUM RELEASE TOUR," you can also find concerts in Austria and the Netherlands on the program. Even the step overseas is already being carefully prepared. So, it's evident that soon, not only the Swiss concert halls will be transformed into a wild Irish pub. With the songs of "CHAOS" the Saint City Orchestra now has the right song material for expansion and their way to the top.

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