Raz Dwa Trzy at Pol'and'Rock 2021

2021-06-29 10:07:20


Raz Dwa Trzy was established by a group of university friends in 1990. The band quickly rose to prominence thanks to their ingenious style of combining jazz, rock, and folk with contemporary poetry lyrics. Raz Dwa Trzy went on to release seven studio albums, each of them garnering a lot of attention from fans and getting praise from music critics. Raz Dwa Trzy released three live albums, one compilation album, and two video albums, the first of those chronicling their spell-binding show at Woodstock Festival Poland in 2005.


The band is notable for their use of sung poetry, which elevates their performances to a rank of sophisticated show. At the same time, the musicians forming Raz Dwa Trzy are able to maintain their rock and roll character and remain authentic. 

Raz Dwa Trzy with their memorable, poetic lyrics and soft, jazz-inspired music became a music staple for generations of young Poles. 


Raz Dwa Trzy

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