Przybył at Pol'and'Rock Online

2020-07-14 15:24:22


Przybył is the brainchild of Sławomir Bartłomiej Przybył. Guitarist and singer-songwriter was a prominent figure on the underground alternative scene in Poznań, working with niche-hop artists predominantly. Przybył explored jazz, blues, rock and stage song - genre combining poetry, lyricism with artistic expression and elements of improvisation and audience participation. Eventually, he gathered like-minded musicians and established a new, fresh and exciting project - Przybył. The band explores poignant social issues and does not shy from music experiments. Blending jazz, blues, rock with influences of street folk and backed up by the low, raspy voice of its leader, Przybył is a band to watch. 





Przybył's concerts are staged like mini theatre plays, emphasising the interaction with the audience. The band released one album, but it already has an extensive track record regarding festival appearances. The artists from Poznań impressed the jury of Emerging Bands Competition and secured a slot on the Second Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2019. Przybył has put a spell on the audience, which got to take part in an interactive, dramatic performance. This summer the band will play live from a studio in Warsaw, and their gig will be broadcast on Facebook and Twitter. 


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