Pol’and’Rock Integrates Generations

2019-07-30 20:50:34


Pol’and’Rock Integrates Generations

Our Festival in Kostrzyn nad Odrą is for everyone, including your children. We are more than happy that you wish to show them Pol’and’Rock as this is The Most Beautiful Festival in the World. Taking some steps beforehand will guarantee you and your family fun and best life-time experience. Below you will find some tips on how to prepare well for the Festival.

You can enjoy the Festival from the very early age, photo Michał Kwaśniewski


The weather at the Festival can be pretty unpredictable, so you need to be ready for an unexpected change any time any place. Carrying a jumper and a waterproof jacket with you is always a good idea!

Noise Cancelling Headphones/Ear Protection Gear

Pol’and’Rock is an amazing feast for the ears! 5 stages with different types of music will make everyone happy. Remember that the ears of your children are far more sensitive than yours! Make sure they are wearing noise cancelling headphones. This will let them enjoy the world of music much longer.

Safety suits everybody, photo Szymon Aksienionek


Don't forget to make sure your children stay hydrated at all the time. For that we highly recommend water. You get rid of it in no time in the sun, so no need to worry about the stains!

Head Protection

A hat or a cup is not only a must-have during the Festival, it is also a great protection against the sun or rain. Remember that a personalized head cover will let you find your children faster in case they are out of your sight. Also, don't forget to apply a sunscreen with high UV filter!

Wristband with Your Contact Number

It's another gadget necessary for your children during your stay at Pol’and'Rock. Write your phone number on it. It will make it easy to find your children if they get lost.

Contact with parents always close at hand photo Dominik Malik

Free wristbands are available at 5 places during the Festival:
CPR for kids
Lost & Found tent
"Gucio" Entry Gate
"Milenijna" Entry Gate
Academy of the Finest of Arts
All the spots you can find here.


Take all the necessary medicines for your children with you, for example headache pills or instect repellent. If the medicines have to be stored in special conditions you can take them do the Field Hospital. Remember to put it in a suitable package and enclose information about the name of the medicine and the name of your child, your phone number, dosage. More information about the Field Hospital is available here.

Children conquer Academy of the Finest of Arts

Like in the past years, this year the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has organised kids zone at the Academy of the Finest of Arts. Face painting, 3D pens workshop, bubbles, are some of the atractions awaiting for your children. More information is available on Facebook in the Event section, in the schedule section on the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity website and the official Pol'and'rock mobile app.

The youngest attendants of the Festival learning how to make bubles, photo Edyta Kuryckafot.

Apart from the fun zones at the Academy of the Finest of Arts, there are some sanitary facilities such as changing tables. They make your stay at the Festival, especially with smaller kids, much easier.

The best fun for the babies is with their parents photo Edyta Kurycka
Always under control

Remember not to leave your children unattended. No matter the place, activity or for example a nap in the tent, make sure you're around. Children feel safe and sound when you're with them.

Asking for help

Let your children know that in case of getting lost, they should contact Peace Patrol. This is a group of volunteers (in red T-shirts) who will call you using the number written on the wristbands you place on their wrist.
If during your search you don't manage to pick up the phone, your child will be waiting safe and sound for you at Lost & Found tent. Please, make your way to this tent as soon as possible.

Peace Patrol is always ready to help, photo Marta Szpakowska

We believe that together we can make the stay of your children at Pol'and'Rock Festival an unforgettable experience!

The most demanding public's opinion needs no comment, photo.Edyta Kurycka

We wish you great fun at the Academy of the Finest of Arts!


Text by M. Marciniak

Translated by Magda H.

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