Pol'and'Rock in numbers, or what awaits you at the Makowice-Płoty airport

2021-07-27 19:57:15

The day has come! After a time full of excitement and waiting, we can welcome you to the 27th edition of the Pol'and'Rock Festival. Just today, the gates were opened and the first festival-goers, after having passed covid tests, set up their tents.

Perhaps you are just packing your backpacks or making up kilometers on your way to the festival and wondering what to expect at your destination? This year, for the first time, the Most Beautiful Festival of the World will take place in a different location - at the Makowice-Płoty airport, in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, just 40 km from the Baltic Sea. However, this is not the only place where we meet! Remember that you can participate in the festival from anywhere in Poland and the world. All thanks to the Pol'and'Rock Festival and Kręcioła TV available on Facebook, the Kręcioła TV channel on YouTube, as well as live broadcast on Twitch.


Photographer Michał Kwaśniewski, Jurek Owsiak greets festival-goers


Festival in numbers, or what awaits you at the airport Makowice-Ploty?


78 ha

The area where we meet is almost 78 ha, so you certainly do not have to worry about the lack of space - we only regret that we meet in a limited group on the festival field. The airport area is surrounded by almost 17 km of fence. The Makowice-Płoty airport is located approximately 5 km from the city center of Płoty and is currently privately owned. It was built in the 1930s and served, among other things as, an alternate airport for the Polish Air Force. Airplanes may not be taking off from the airport now, but we have no doubt that the festival rhythms will allow us to rise above the runway!


Photographer Łukasz Widziszowski, Lotnisko Makowice-Płoty


3 campgrounds

Alpha, beta, gamma… stop, let’s start again! Pol'and'Rock's alphabet is a bit different. Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are the campsites waiting for our festival-goers. At each of the fields, there is a sanitary zone with washbasins and shower cabins. In total, there are 239 shower cabins at the festival, including a cabin for people with disabilities in the Alpha sanitary area. The showers can be used upon presentation of the coupons available in SiemaShop. There is also an onsite car park for participants. Additionally, your health will be taken care of by our medics at three medical points. You can find the exact map of the festival in our Festivaler's Guide.


 Photographer Dominik Malik, Camping site


200 tonnes

That's what the Main Festival Stage weighs. It is almost 70 meters wide and 18 meters wide. You have to admit that it is impressive, and the artists have a lot of space to show off their skills! Thanks to our technicians and the Peace Patrol, the stage already looks awesome, and we are just waiting for the scheduled bands to play on it! However, it was a lot of work before this beauty was constructed. As many as 16 trucks transported the scene to the festival site! The sound system itself fits in 3 trucks. The side screens that are larger than in previous years will ensure excellent visibility even in the last rows.


Photographer Łukasz Widziszowski, Construction of the Main Stage


32 meters

The Allegro Ferris Wheel is an inseparable part of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. Did you know that it is almost 32 meters high? It is the largest Ferris wheel of this type in this part of Europe! Perhaps no planes take off from the airport area anymore, but thanks to the Ferris wheel, we can also rise above the ground and see everything from a bird's eye view! After an exciting ride or eventful moments, a moment of relaxation will undoubtedly be useful. You can recharge your batteries in the Allegro chillout zone!


Photographer Lucyna Lewandowska, Allegro Ferris Wheel


73 masts

You don't risk wandering in the dark - 73 lighting masts will take care of the festival lighting. In total, there are as many as 1,400 lighting devices and almost 203 meters of LED strips at the airport! In the evening, the views will be unforgettable!


Photographer Michał Kwaśniewski, Allegro Chillout Zone


Whether you're with us at Makowice-Fences Airport or watching us closely online, make sure you have plenty of good mood and energy for the coming days!


Translated from Polish by Łukasz Kujac

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