Pol’and’Rock Festival online, streaming for everyone!

2022-08-03 20:45:16


Can't make it to the Festival? Or maybe you’re already on your way? We have made sure that you can listen to and watch us in many places online. Be sure to join us!



We have been running the KręciołaTV channel on YouTube for many years. Similarly, this year we will be broadcasting concerts there as well. Therefore, if you don't want to miss a thing, and you are a rock’n’roll and Festival fans, we strongly recommend subscribing to our channel.


photo: Michał Kwaśniewski

Stay tuned for more! Kreciola TV is where we share with you snippets and sneak peeks from summer concerts throughout the year. Do you miss the unique atmosphere of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World? Turn on Domowa Orkiestra, on our YT channel! We're doing our best to make you feel the energy of our Pol'and'Rock community. Next season of our regular programme is coming! 



Twitch will allow you to stay up to date with our Pol'and'Rock Radio broadcasts. Feel free to text the radio at any time – we will read your greetings live on air. And from Thursday on, you may listen to the twitch broadcasts of the Main Stage concerts. It's going to get loud!

photo: Dominik Malik



Our Facebook fan pages are going full steam ahead. It will get hot! Check out the Pol'and'Rock Facebook page, where in the morning we will be broadcasting the AFA meetings, and after 3:00PM CEST we will be streaming the Main Stage concerts. 

photo: Stanisław Wadas

But that's not all! We would also like to invite you to visit the fanpage of Kreciola TV. There, from 5:40PM CEST onwards, you will be able to follow the performances of the artists from the Second Stage. at the Academy of Finest of Arts

The Academy of the Finest of Arts, whose patron is mBank, will once again be visited by exceptional personalities! Our guests will be interviewed by journalists. If you are curious what the work of a war correspondent looks like or would like to hear how to deal with online hate speech, you can watch a broadcast from the Academy of the Finest of Arts on the homepage. Selected festival concerts will also be broadcast live on the platform.


photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

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