Pol’and’Rock Festival for everyone

2022-08-12 15:24:16

We strive to build a diverse, beautiful community, open to everyone who shares our values of love, friendship and music, because this Festival is you, our beloved festival-goers! 

 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Paweł Krupka


Accessible Pol’and’Rock Festival 

Every year at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, we make an effort to create a wheelchair user-friendly space. The Czaplinek-Broczyno Airfield is a flat terrain with limited architectural barriers. Yet still, to improve the access to the live music experience even more, we arranged an accessible viewing platform in front of the Main Stage. Similarly to earlier editions of the Festival, we also prepared 7 accessible toilets and paid accessible shower stalls in the Alpha zone. To make it easier for you, we marked the exact locations of all the sanitary zones on a map in our festival app.

We are working with numerous organisations and charities to offer our festival-goers the best possible facilities and ensure they can feel safe and taken care of. One of our long-standing partners is the Avalon Foundation, which also this year stationed at the festival site and provided repairs and assistance for wheelchair users. Moreover, all the Academy of the Finest of Arts meetings were interpreted in the Polish Sign Language. 


Festivalgoers of the 28th edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Nikola Naus


Generations of festival-goers

One of the most touching views at Pol’and’Rock Festival is the little festival-goers who, together with their parents or grandparents, discover the world of music, learn about life values, and start recognising the beauty of an open and kind community. We love to see our Festival bridging the generation gap and connecting people of different backgrounds. 

For the health and safety of your children during the Festival, we give away special blank wristbands, on which you can write down your contact details. You could collect the wristbands for free near the AFA Tent, at our CPR point, or simply ask Peace Patrol for guidance. There were also free noise-cancelling headphones for the youngest pol’and’rockers. 

Additionally, this year, Herlitz and Pelikan opened their Kids’ Zone with plenty of activities, games, and attractions. The zone was set up next to the AFA Tent, so that parents could relax on the sunbeds, keep an eye on their little beloved ones and listen to the AFA conversations!



Safety for all

Thanks to three medical aid points and a well-equipped temporary hospital within the Festival grounds, we could store your medicine in the fridge and take good care of you or your fellow festival-goers in the case of any health-related emergency. Our Medical Patrol was on the watch day and night.

The inseparable and indispensable element of our safety protocols is, of course, our Peace Patrol volunteers. They were here to look after you, guide you and assist you in any circumstances. 


We are proud to say that, as a result of our hard work to ensure festival participants’ safety and security, Pol’and’Rock was not qualified as a high-risk event this year.  


Peace Patrol Volunteers, photo: Lucyna Lewnadowska


As we often say, we do not dare to call our Festival the best, but we sure dare to call it the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! We challenge ourselves each year to create a haven for all music lovers, who value love, peace and brotherhood, where everyone can feel at home. 

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