Pol'and'Rock Festival 2020 Dates Announced

2019-08-20 13:01:42


Promotor of the festival, social activist and the mastermind behind the festival, Jurek Owsiak, has taken to his social media to announce the dates of the next year's edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. We will all meet again for three days in late July - early August: 30.07 - 01.08 2020, so book your holidays now! 


The festival, of course, will remain free and open to everyone. This year's edition boasted an attendance of up to 700 000 people, who enjoyed a line-up of international and home-grown talent. With 2020 line-up still shrouded in mystery, we are looking forward to exciting surprises in the coming months. 


Main Stage at night. Photo Szymon Aksienionek




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