Pol'and'Rock Festival 2020 Announcement

2020-04-27 20:10:00

Those who know us, know that we do not give up easily— no gale force winds, storms, or upheavals would dampen our resolve and energy to create the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.

Unfortunately, we had to bow down to the virus. The spread of the novel coronavirus has put the entire globe to a standstill. Invisible for the naked eye, quiet, and inconspicuous, it did away with life as we knew it. As the virus spreads, so does the fear. People fall ill, some of them lose their loved ones to the disease caused by the coronavirus. Now is not the time for pretending to be brave, for coming up with gimmicks to trick the virus. We know it very well, so we directed all of our activity towards helping medical staff fight with the disease. 

We believe that we will overcome the worst, yet we are realistic and, above all else, prioritising health and safety of our festival guests and performers. It is with heavy hearts that we have to cancel this year's edition of Pol'and'Rock.


We will meet again next year, on July 29th to 31st 2021 for three days of music, friendship, and peace in Kostrzyn nad Odrą which will go down in history as the 27th edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival.


We want to extend an invitation for you to take part in an online festival experience which will take place on 30.07 - 1.08 2020. We invite you for an online meeting with music, festival guests and never-before-seen gems from our archives and messages from our artist friends from all over the world. We will be with you from morning till night whenever you can set up your computers. We are gearing up to create a one-of-a-kind adventure and to recreate that community we have lovingly tended for all these years. Let's listen to music, learn, explore new ideas and chat. You will get to experience the festival even though this year we are forced to be apart.

Let's create this festival experience together. Find a pleasant spot and along with family and friends, immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! Our stages will play internationally, and we will be honoured and humbled if you invite us to your homes. 


Our experience and community we will create this summer matters - so let's celebrate the online edition of 26th Pol'and'Rock Festival together.

 25th Edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival. photo Ola Drutkowska

Jurek Owsiak & the team at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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