Piotr Bukartyk & Ajagore live at the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival

2022-06-20 21:05:00

The project provoked by the meeting of the two music geniuses – an outstanding text writer, a cautious observer of the current affairs and commentator of the reality Piotr Bukarczyk, and a super-band Ajagore, instrumentalists who cannot be locked up in any stylistic frames, fabulously mixing up jazz, blues, rhythm, Polish and American folk, and country music. Their shows are a true rarity on the music market.


Their latest almost 2-hour long programme entitled “Wieloryb Fiutin i inne opowiadania” [Eng. “Fiutin Whale and other stories”] provides a very accurate diagnosis of the recent events served by the head critic Piotr Bukartyk. Stirring lyrics are wrapped up with the unreal compositions prepared by the outstanding musicians of Ajagore. It is worth mentioning that the band accompanies also Grażyna Łobaszewska or Jorgos Sokalias on their music journey.



Bukartyk and Ajagore’s show will give you the unique opportunity to shout out your disagreement with unjustified violence. Come and see the explosive combination of Bukartyk & Ajagore yourself!


Facebook - Bukartyk

Spotify - Bukartyk

www - Ajagore

Facebook - Ajagore

Spotify - Ajagore

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