Piotr Bukartyk a Pol'and'Rock 2020

2020-06-16 16:22:38


Piotr Bukartyk is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and teacher. He has been running music workshops at the festival since 2020. Festival-goers can take part in the three-day workshops and learn how to sing and play "Z tylu chmir" which traditionally closes the entire festival. A song, which showcases a message of tolerance and acceptance of difference between people and respect for the choices other people make in their lives, is performed at the end of each festival. The moment is a touching display of unity, solidarity, and friendship. An internet edition of the festival would not have been complete without that closing song. 



Piotr Bukartyk will also run an online workshop where participants would get a chance to learn how to play the song to take part in the closing ceremony of our Most Beautiful Houseparty in the World. 


Piotr Bukartyk is best known for his humorous lyrics and irreverent approach to music genres. He juggles music conventions, showing people how easy it is to enjoy music and to have fun. 


Piotr Bukartyk na zakończeniu Pol'and'Rock 2019. fot. Paweł Krupka

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Piotr Bukartyk a Pol'and'Rock 2020

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