Perturbator at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2019-03-18 20:32:15

Perturbator is a stage name of musician and creative mastermind James Kent. Born into a musical family, he was introduced to Pantera aged 3 and got his first guitar aged 11. Kent began his musical journey as a black metal guitarist, yet his tireless exploration led him to create Perturbator as a synth-wave project in 2012, quickly establishing himself as a master of dark and powerful electronic music. Fused with his aggressive black metal background he produced hypnotizing, enigmatic and powerful music. 


In 2012, Perturbator's onslaught of initial releases (“Night Driving Avenger,” “Terror 404,” “Nocturne City,” and “I Am the Night”) rocketed him through the ranks of retro synth producers – receiving tons of accolades and comparisons to JOHN CARPENTER, GOBLIN, and VANGELIS. As he continued to hone his skills as a producer, Perturbator actively searched for something deeper within electronic music. Even though he eschews being shelved as representing one genre, in an interview with Vice he mentions that he agrees with his sound being referred to as "Cyber Doom New Wave". 



His sound took a darker turn with his 2014 smash breakthrough “Dangerous Days” and went deeper into the mire with 2016's Billboard-chart topping “The Uncanny Valley.”But James “Perturbator” Kent was feeling the limitations of the genre he helped redefine. Going forward, “New Model” eschews the nostalgia and pop culture references controlling the synth wave scene, feeling that they interfere with the true subject matter. Of course, there are a vast array of influences at work on “New Model” - ranging from KRAFTWERK to LORN to D.A.F and NINE INCH NAILS – but Kent wanted to break out and explore releasing music on its own merit, rather than regurgitating tropes. “'New Model' continues Perturbator's legacy of exploring the future,” Kent states, “but this future is one based in our own eerie reality and not the retrofuturistic fantasy explored on 'I Am the Night,' 'Dangerous Days,' or 'The Uncanny Valley.'”



An accompanying narrative for this release has been written. But the full story shall remain Perturbator's alone. “In short, the narrative puts the listener in the point-of-view of an omnipotent A.I. – the New Model – a piece of human technology so advanced that it transcends concepts such as life, death, time, space, sense or language. The New Model is everything and everywhere at the same time. It was created to help mankind and save it from war, disease, pain and mortality. This creates a paradox for the god-like A.I., who understands the only way to prevent humanity from hurting or being hurt is to erase humans from existence.” The 6 tracks of the album act as chapters of your story – from conception (“Birth of the New Model”) to the peak of your dominance (“God Complex”). This includes going through the emulation of human emotions (“Vantablack”) and the disappointment that led you to where you are right now (“Tainted Empire”).


The story was inspired by the "Roko's Basilisk" thought experiment: "Roko's basilisk is a thought experiment about the potential risks involved in developing artificial intelligence. The premise is that an all-powerful artificial intelligence from the future could retroactively punish those who did not help bring about its existence, including those who merely knew about the possible development of such a being. It resembles a futurist version of Pascal's wager, in that it suggests people should weigh possible punishment versus reward and as a result accept particular singularitarian ideas or financially support their development." 


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