Our Music Universe - 2021 Line-up

2020-08-07 13:44:28


Pol'and'Rock Festival features diverse performances from international and Polish artists. We share a community which is united by the love for music - the sounds we all recognize, love, and can sing out loud to. We also have a chance to discover new music and explore different music genres. As organizers of the Festival, we hold a firm belief that live music should be available to everyone and our team works hard to ensure that we can showcase a diverse line-up of acclaimed artists and exciting, up-and-coming talent. 

An overwhelming majority of artists billed to play at Pol'and'Rock 2020 has confirmed their shows at our Festival in 2021. 


2021 Pol'and'Rock Main Stage line-up 

2021 Pol'and'Rock Second Stage line-up 


Scena Najpiękniejszej Domówki Świata. fot. Michał Kwaśniewski


We are currently working to ensure that artists featured in our 2020 line- up will be showcased in 2021. We are in touch with the artists, who confirmed their gigs at the upcoming, 27th edition of our Festival. For many of them, their work is currently on hold ... We are, of course, aware of the fact that there are factors outside of our control and the global situation is in flux. The experience of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World shows that we have many friends in the music industry, who were eager to perform for our audience, for you all. The list of artists we curate for each year's Festival is often based on the feedback we receive from you, making you the co-creators of our unique event. 

Bartłomiej Stolarek, Pol'and'Rock Booking Manager 


This year we had to transform our massive outdoor Festival into an event fit for the time of pandemics. Pol'and'Rock Festival moved to the internet and became The Most Beautiful House Party in the World. As we reached out to some of the best-known Polish artists, our booking manager, Bartłomiej Stolarek worked to secure line-up for the upcoming edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival. We were delighted to showcase 30 exceptional Polish artists over the three days of our online festival. 




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