Nova Twins confirmed for Pol'and'Rock 2022

2022-05-30 21:10:00


There’s no band out there quite like Nova Twins. The Nova Twins band is confirmed to perform at the upcoming Pol'and'Rock Festival!

Nova Twins are an English rock duo formed in London, England, in 2014, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South. The two childhood friends came together to create something that destroyed boundaries and defied expectations. A clash of ideas from the worlds of punk, rap, pop, hard rock and beyond, their sound is one that smashes genres but showcases the many facets of the duo and where they’re from.



Their attitude runs through everything they do–bursting out of their music and into the vision they have for their art-punk music videos and DIY outfits. They make their own clothes because nothing else feels quite‘ Nova’enough.


Rage Against The Machine icon Tom Morello dubbed them “an incredible band who deserve to be huge” as well as invited them on tour with Prophets Of Rage. Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes called them one of his “favourite new bands” before having them collaborate on the song ‘1x1’ from 2020’s UK No.1 album‘POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR’.Furthermore, they’ve already scored the “bucket list” moment of appearing on the cover of NME, as “the band rewriting the rules of alternative music”. It’s true, rules are not in Nova Twins’ vocabulary, so don’t think about forcing them upon them.

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