Nocny Kochanek at Pol'and'Rock Online

2020-06-26 09:40:29


Nocny Kochanek (Night Lover) began as an inside joke between the musicians playing in an up-and-coming heavy metal band, Night Mistress. The new band was meant to poke fun at the image of an ideal metalhead, paint a light-hearted portrait of Polish heavy-metal scene. However, fans of the genre and critics alike fell in love with the "Night Lovers". All their records have gone certified gold, and their second release, "Zdrajcy Metalu" (Betrayers of Metal) is a platinum record. 

The band plays classic heavy metal reminiscent of the music created by the greats of the genre such as Judas Priest (Nocny Kochanek played a slot ahead of the legendary British band at Pol'and'Rock 2018) AC/DC, or Iron Maiden. Lightning-fast guitar riffs, throbbing beat of drumlines and impressive heavy metal soprano of the band's vocalist come together in a first-class definition of heavy metal. Paired with light-hearted, humorous lyrics which seem to be both poking fun at the metalhead community and paying tribute to the long-running tradition of heavy metal in Poland ensure that the band has a loyal following as well as had to face a fair share of criticism. 



Nocny Kochanek received a number of accolades - as the rock band of the year for at least two consecutive years. The musicians are also the winners of the Golden Spinning Top award - the prize voted for by the audience for the best show at Pol'and'Rock Festival. The band will play for the audience of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World from the festival studio in Warsaw, and their gig will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. 


Nocny Kochanek. photo Stanisław Wadas

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