Gojira: Metal Perfection

2018-08-03 09:57:53

What is the best way to start the perfect heavy metal set? With dynamic drums and powerful riffs right from the start, of course!

The balance of death metal aggression and soulful melody in Gojira’s performance was uncanny. It hit just the right chord with the gathered crowds and got them moving right away.

Joe Duplantier. Photo credit: Damian Mekal

“We’ve never played in front of such a large audience,” said the lead singer, Joe Duplantier. The view sure was impressive—crowds of headbanging, screaming fans stretched from the Main Stage all the way to the Festival Field horizon. 

The band played a mix of their most recent record, “Magma” (which they recorded on their own in a studio they built themselves), and their older hits. The audience was right there with them, pumping their fists in the air, jumping in a wild pogo, and even crashing into each other in a wall of death.

Crowds hungry for metal fill the Main Stage area at the Gojira concert. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas

The audience’s energy went straight onstage. The band slowly upped the ante with “The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe” and “Oroborus”. Gojira let the crowds take a breather with “The Shooting Star” and followed up with “Flying Whales”, at which point they released inflatable whales from the stage.

These musicians showed that their rank among the best of modern metal bands and the praise they get for their showmanship is very well-deserved. Their music was perfectly aligned with lighting effects. Joe Duplantier smoothly switched between an aggressive growl and melodic singing, while Mario Duplantier proved his worth on the drums with his breathtaking solo. 

Mario Duplantier. Photo credit: Piotr Barbachowski

The crowds were legendary, the energy was unyielding, and the band gave it their all. Everyone on the Festival Field in Kostrzyn is bound to agree with the words of Jurek Owsiak after Gojira’s show: “We’ll remember this concert for a very long time.”

Gojira and Jurek Owsiak on the Main Stage of the 24th Pol'and'Rock Festival. Photo credit: Damian Mekal


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