Neo-Nówka back at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World!

2022-07-04 21:48:57

To live up to the expectations and in full accordance with the tradition, we will start our festival with a... comedy show [Polish: kabaret]! A very well-known among the festivalgoers, Polish comedy troupe Neo-Nówka will perform at the AFA Stage! Their show is scheduled for Wednesday evening, August 3, 2022, at 20:00.


Neo-Nówka. Group's press photo


Neo-Nówka is a Polish comedy troupe established in 2000. The group was set up by students from Wrocław. Right now the members of Neo-Nówka are Roman Żurek, Michał Gawliński and Radosław Bielecki. Since 2009 a band Żarówki takes care of the musical setting of the shows. Neo-Nówka in their sketches touches upon social and political issues. 



Neo-Nówka showed up at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World a year ago, when it was celebrating its 20th anniversary. 


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