Neat and Tidy in No Time!

2019-07-31 17:00:00


Neat and Tidy in No Time!

The second stage of Neat and Tidy in No Time action is just ahead of us. Together we want to prove that hundred of participants at the Festival don't equal a a tower of litter all around.

Neat and Tidy in No Time, photo by Lucyna Lewandowska
Pol’and’Rock 2018 action "Neat and Tidy in No Time" was awarded with Srebry Spinacz in social media category of Złote Spinacze 2018 Contest. Together with the Festival participants we create the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. That's why we should take care of the environment around us this year too! We strongly believe that taking care of the our Planet takes two, so we count on you! This year programme is full of environmental related events and workshops. So you can easily find out how to protect our beautiful Mother Nature!
We prepared for you hundred of thousands rubbish bags, which you can drop off at 157 points! For more information check the MAP.

Let's take care of Our Festival together! We count on you!
There will be NO plastic carrier bags in the shopping alley. Catering zones will limit single-use plastic by, among others, serving food and beverages in paper containers. Look for stalls with eco or paper plates, use paper straws. Lech Brewery will be selling beer in RPET cups. They are made out of 100% recycled and 100% ready-to-be-reused materials! Multi-use beer cups will be available at the Premium Brand Zone. You can purchase a cup for a small fee and use them multiple times during the Festival. The fee of PLN 7 is a deposit you can get back when you return the cup!
Lech Brewery organises a special action to support taking care of our environment. 10 participants of our Festival who collect the biggest amount of rubbish and drop it of the Zone will be awarded with an electric scooter! In this way, you will not only help to keep the Festival clean and tidy but also you have a chance to leave it with means of transport that will never get stuck in the traffic!

Thumb up those who keep it clean!

#Beesmart #Lesswaste with Allegro who this year again invites you not only to Ferris Wheel but also to ECOmaze, and handmade craft workshops where you can learn how to make beeswax food wraps, cosmetics and shopping bag out of 100% recyclable materials. At Allegro Zone you can refil your own water bottle with drinkable water. Stay hydrated!


Reni Jusis, a Polish musician & healthy lifestyle ambassador, invites you to PreZero Zone. You can have a chat with her about leading more eco-friendly lifestyle, recycling and zero waste.
Take your empty and plastic botles to Coca-Cola yellow bins, designated points where you can sell your cans or recyclomates - machines which will sort recyclable waste, so you don't have to. You will find them in PreZero and Lubuskie Zones.
In PreZero and Lech EcoZones you can exchage your bottles and cans for gadgets. Our Sponsors will make sure that they will be recycled and get a new life. Who knows, maybe you'll be using them at the Festival next year?
This year there will be about 20% more portable toilets (TOI TOI) than last year. They will be cleaned at least twice a day. Let's keep them free from any non-sanitary rubbish.
Please, do not waste water! Turn the taps off!

 Communal shower, photo by Maciej Budzich

At the NGO Zone you can find many Polish and worldwide organisations that take care of the environmental issues, especially animals. We encourage you to take part in workshops dedicated going green. You can paint on a recyclable bag which you can take home for free, make natural cosmetics, and take part in an EcoGraffiti session.
We do our best to make sure Neat and Tidy in No Time! action bear the greatest fruit. We need your help, though! Let's do it together by taking care of ourselves and the Festival Ground we meet on every year!
Memories from last year:

Author Żaneta K.
Translated by Magda H.


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