Musical memories - re-live the sounds of the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival

2022-08-18 10:20:18

Have you missed a concert? Do you prefer to listen to the music at home? Are you into discovering new pieces and getting to know artists playing at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World? Here is the Pol'and'Rock Festival music experience in a nutshell! Make sure you watch the Kręcioła TV clips on YouTube! 


Me and That Man – electrifying dark-blues project initiated by Adam “Nergal” Darski and John Porter. The band is bridging the genres of folk, blues and alternative rock. Nergal's darkness and melancholy is vividly incorporated in the scenery and the artistic style of Me and That Man as a whole. The full, sharp sounds of a guitar blend with the intriguing voices of the singers, sparkled with soul-like tones of the choirs. 



Stake – a Belgian group playing a mixture of sludge metal and post-rock. The band is known for their hardcore metal anthems (e.g. Dickhead) and their genius in skilful communication with the audience. The energy at their Pol'and'Rock Festival's gig electrified the whole camping site. 



Fiddler's Green – a band from Germany playing an unrestrained Celtic rock inspired with the Irish punk vibes. The musicians themselves define their genre as “speed folk”. The band write all the songs that you, our festival audience, loved so much, themselves. 



Inclusion – Cracow group playing alternative metal filled with rhythmical and melodic sequences. Their released three EPs: “Nieśmiertelny” [ENG. “Immortal”], “Skybound”, and the “Tales of Deliverance”. The band gigged in Poland and abroad numerous times. Their key feature is the stream of emotions and pure energy flowing from the stage during their concerts. Inclusion is a group of five friends joined by the love for music and great fun. 



Żurkowski - a band established in 2016 by Łukasz Żurkowcki - a singer, guitarist, text writer and composer. Musically the group hover over alternative rock with a strong electronic flavour.



Pull The Wire – the band comes from Żyrardów, Poland, and joined the Polish rock scene over 15 years ago. A wider audience got to know them in 2012 after the premiere of a video clip to the “Kapslami w niebo” [Eng. “Shooting bottlecaps”], which conquered the Internet and became the unofficial “anthem of outdoor beer drinking”. 



Blenders – a cult band from Gdańsk, known for its music being a combination of rap core, alt-rock and funk. Blenders' beginnings date back to 1991, when just 2 months after they had set up the band, they did their first gig. 



Voo Voo - a group with a long-standing tradition of playing with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation both at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World in the summer, and at the GOCC Grand Finale in the winter. After all, it's Wojtek Waglewski's piece that became the GOCC anthem (“Karnawał” [Eng. “Carnival”]). The band established in 1985 performed on the Pol'and'Rock Festival stages five times. Voo Voo had it debut in Jarocin, and they released their first record in 1986. 



ØRGANEK - a band established in 2013 by its leader, author of the lyrics, stories, and music. Tomasz Organek was nominated to many prestigious music awards, i.a. the Mateusz Święcicki 3rd Programme of the Polish Radio Music Award – Mateusz 2014, the Grzegorz Ciechowski Artistic Award of the City of Toruń or the Award of the Marshal of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.



Tagada Jones – the French hardcore group that joins the elements of the rebellious American punk and revolutionary lyrics with the message of British bands. Tagada Jones was established in 1993 in Rennes, Brittany in France, as a purely punk band, however, after some time, the musicians started experimenting with electronic and post-industrial sounds, releasing “L’Envers Du Decor” in 2005 and “Le Feu Aux Poudres” in 2006.



Strachy na Lachy – a Polish band that needs no introduction to the Pol'and'Rock Festival audience. The group led by Krzysztof “Grabaż” Grabowski will perform at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World for the second time (last time, they played at 10th Woodstock Festival Poland). They are known for their laid-back bangers, being a mixture of all kinds of rock. Their playful, catchy lyrics have become a source of inspiration for everyday slang.



Ferocious Dog – an English six-piece band coming from Warsop, Nottinghamshire. They play folk punk, Celtic folk and punk rock. The band started its career in 1988 and throughout the years has headlined the greatest tours and music festivals in Great Britain and Europe. 



Kwiat Jabłoni – one of the most popular Polish bands of the young generation. Kasia and Jacek Sienkiewicz created two wonderfully received records. “Niemożliwe” [Eng. “Impossible”] in 2019 has quickly reached the double platinum status, and their latest piece “Mogło być nic” [Eng. “There might have been nothing”] of 2021 debuted on the first position on the official sales chart and went platinum after just four months.   



Makiwara - a band made of six musicians coming from different musical projects and well-familiarized with the stage performances (i.a. Ignu, Jah Love Sound system, Temple of Daikini). They play a mixture of ethnic music, psychedelia, rock, and funk.  The band gigged on the Pol'and'Rock Festival Second Stage. 



Uliczny Opryszek – a Polish punk band touring around Poland and abroad. They played at the Festival, formerly knowns as Woodstock Festival Poland, in 2004, 2013 and in 2019. 



Jinjer - one of the hottest bands on the world metal music stage. The quartet comes from Ukraine, and is led by insanely talented Tatiana Shamilyuk who simply seduces the audience with her voice. The singer can smoothly go from deep growls to an angel-like vocal. The band's performance was also appreciated by the international media. Revolver's article reads:


Recently, Jinjer were crushing the main stage at Pol'and'Rock festival, which went down in Czaplinek, Poland, from August 4th to 6th. Their 14-song set included a electric performance of Micro EP fan favorite "Teacher. Teacher!"



Fun Lovin' Criminals – a New York group playing an alternative blend of hip-hop and rock'n'roll. Fun Lovin' Criminals have been rocking the music stage since the mid 90s. 



Clutch – a band coming from Germantown, Maryland in the USA playing stoner-rock, established in 1990. Clutch is the ambassador of American hard rock. The multidimensional sounds transcend the nostalgic blues and American folk music, blending with elements of typical psychedelic pieces from the 60s. 



Luxtorpeda - they played at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World twice already – in 2012, when they came to collect their Audience Award, and during the opening of the Festival in 2016. This year we met them again on the stage of the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival. The band was created in 2010 and inspired by Robert Friedrich, the guitarist and vocalist known for his performing with such bands as Acid Drinkers, Turbo, Flapjack, Arka Noego and KNŻ. 



Sztywny Pal Azji – the band dates back to 1986, when they played at the Rock Music Festival in Jarocin. Both the jury and the audience were hypnotized with their performance.



Dirty Shirt – the band combines the heavy metal with its energy and passion for Slavic folk music and the richness of the world music inspirational supplies. Commonly considered as one of the most original East European bands.



Audience at the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Dominik Zachariasz

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