Morgane Ji at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2021-06-29 10:01:36


A volcanic temperament, with mysterious, African, Indian and Asian roots. As for her style and aesthetic approach, no one has managed to put her into any pigeonhole.

She strives to create the unexpected, that’s her strong point.

An uncategorisable rock-pop musician and practitioner of world electronic music, though immediately recognisable thanks to her unique voice – protean, raspy, soft, animal-like.

Her wide vocal range, melodic lines and shamanic cries offer spectators entertainment and excitement. The Creole Queen, as the British press call her, seems to possess the key to a hidden dimension that connects ancient mystiques with modern technology. Her performances feel like journeys through deep emotions and visual worlds.

On stage, Morgane Ji operates confidently a variety of electronic devices to create multiple sound layers for her voice and electric banjo. Mystical and warlike, she strums the banjo, alternating between hypnotic bottleneck slides and technoid beats.

In conjunction with her musical partner in crime E.r.k. on the guitar, keyboard and samples, as well as the spectacular Olivier Carole on the bass and Mogan Cornebert with driving rhythms on the drums, the four-piece band produces an incredibly powerful and transparent sound which is hypnotizing and danceable at the same time.

With the energy of a high priestess of the ceremony, Morgane Ji takes the audience with her through an unforgettable experience.

Morgane Ji has been working for many years in photography, graphics and a dream-like world of audio, which are complementary and inextricably linked. But it is only now, with the forthcoming release of her album “Woman Soldier” that she starts to receive far greater public attention.

In fact, many wonder how this voice has remained undiscovered until now by a wider audience.
The album title “Woman Soldier” encapsulates the fighting spirit of a fiercely independent female artist and pays tribute to the many battles women are involved in every day throughout the world.
Morgane Ji is here. The world is invited to discover one of the probably most amazing and talented female singers of our time. 


Morgane Ji

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