Memorable Festival Opening Ceremonies

2020-07-17 10:46:22


As we are counting down the days until we meet, for the first time taking our festival experience entirely online, we cannot help but cast our thoughts to the most memorable and exciting moments of our festival - moments when thousands of hearts and minds were united by one exciting anticipation - let the celebration begin! 

The opening ceremony of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World is steeped in tradition. Each festival is officially launched by Roman Polański, station master from Żary. The town hosted nascent festival from 1997 until 2003, until the festival found a new home in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. The old station master is tasked with announcing to the thousands of people gathered in front of the Main Stage that the festivities can now officially commence! 



#1 Sunflowers and oath 

Vibrant sunflowers are associated with our festival, and they are a symbol of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. Iconic flowers made their return to the festival site to help us celebrate the 25th edition of the festival. As thousands of flowers faced the Main Stage, Jurek Owsiak, who is the founder of the festival, made an impassioned speech about core values of the event. Thousands of people repeated the words of the impromptu oath - they pledged to care for each other, care for the planet, and show respect to the site which hosts the festival. 



#2 New name, same ideals 

2018 marked a new beginning to our festival. The event emerged under a new name, but the tradition and the ideals of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World remained the same. We launched a festival which still has the same objective - is a force for good, transformation and unity. 



#3 Giant crowd surf flag and a visit from two Presidents 

Football fever got the best of the entire country. A giant flag of Poland, fit to cover a whole section of a stadium was rolled out in front of the Main Stage to mark the beginning of the festival. The impressive display of patriotism and community effort was a proper way to welcome presidents of Poland and Germany and mark their participation in the festival. 



This year we will not meet on the sun-drenched arena in front of the Main Stage to welcome each-other at the festival. Yet, we will be together, following the festival broadcast live thanks to the power of the Internet. We have some surprises in store, so we can still make this year's Opening Ceremony as unique as possible. 

What are your top three festival moments? 

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