Masked Musicians from BOKKA at Pol'and'Rock Online

2020-07-14 13:47:05


BOKKA was established in 2013, and since then the identity of band members is shrouded in mystery. The musicians guard their anonymity ferociously, opting to focus on music and sound experience—the unique collective of five masked musicians released three studio albums. After the countless club and festival stages in Poland and abroad, BOKKA has confirmed its status as one of the most exciting and exciting Polish music offerings. 



The band's music style is as elusive as it is hypnotizing. A careful music fan can trace its inspirations to the mysterious Scandinavian tunes ranging from Sigur Ros to Lykke Li and Bjork. The band experiments with synth-pop and darker, deeper sound electronica and alternative rock. BOKKA's music is for-ever exciting, drawing the attention of the listener - a real intellectual exercise for music connaisseur. BOKKA sounds spacious, hypnotizing and leaves the listeners craving for more of their unique sound. 




Each of the band's trio of albums presents an exploration of different music aesthetic - from dream pop to shoegaze, and from psychedelic electro to darkwave, BOKKA is never dull, never repetitive and always fascinating to follow. 

The band put a spell on the audience gathered in front of the Second Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival last year. This year they will be back to play at the festival studio in Warsaw, and their gig will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. 


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