Majka Jeżowska Returns to Play at the Online Festival

2020-06-16 13:29:48


Majka Jeżowska is a singer, songwriter, composer, and UNICEF goodwill ambassador. After her phenomenal concert at the Second Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2019, the beloved singer will perform at the online edition of the festival and will appear as a speaker at the Academy of the Finest of Arts. 




Majka Jeżowska is responsible for the musical education of generations of Polish children. She introduced children to different sounds, encouraging them to explore the variety of music genres and shape their music taste. Her music goes beyond popular music, incorporating elements of swing, jazz, rock, and reggae into the highly popular songs for children. Majka Jeżowska debuted in 1981, but her breakthrough came in 1984 when she released "A ja wolę moją mamę", which she wrote for her only son, Wojtek. Single gained immense popularity, and Majka Jeżowska released an album with the same title. 

The singer took the Second Stage at Pol'and'Rock 2019, and her show attracted thousands of fans, young and new. During her appearance, a "peaceful wall of death" was transformed into a "peaceful wall of love". The connection between the singer and the audience was instantaneous, and the affection the crowd gave back to the performer was authentic. Majka Jeżowska presented new musical arrangements of her most popular hit songs, each of them burning the message of peace, tolerance, and care for the environment to the forefront of the attention. 

This year the singer will play a live set in the festival studio in Warsaw. Her performance and the meeting at the AFA will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. 


Majka Jeżowska na Pol'and'Rock Festival 2019 fot. Dominik Malik

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