Luxtorpeda re-vist the Most Beutiful Festival in the World!

2022-06-20 21:15:00


A Polish rock band established in 2010 by Robert “Litz” Friedrich, known for such groups as Acid Drinkers, Arka Noego, Kazik na Żywo and 2Tm2,3. Together with Robert Drężek (guitar), Krzysztof Kmiecki (bass guitar), and Tomasz Krzyżaniak (percussion) they set off with their first album “Luxtorpeda” released in 2011. In the meantime, they paired up with the Przemysław “Hans” Frencel, a rapper known for the 52 Dębiec, a hip-hop group based in Poznań. Hans was to fuel the vocal and blend in his fresh, authentic perspective into Litz’s performance.


However, Luxtorpeda is not about a simple combination of rock and hip-hop. As the reviews of their debut LP called it “stoner rock”, the leader protested: “Luxtorpeda's music is not stoner-rock. It's more Litz music. Broadly defined roots of rock.” Their first record made it to the 15th position on the OLIS chart (Polish Official Retail Sales Chart).


photo: Mateusz Otremba


Their latest release entitled “Omega” was published on April 27, 2022. The music journalist Rafał Samorbski comments: “It is the best Luxtorpeda’s record” and adds: “It is a fully legit thrash-metal album, strongly inspired by the harshest moments of Metallica, Slayer or Sepultura from before the times of “Chaos A.D”.


Come to see them rocking at the stage of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World!






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